The Butcher’s Guide: What is an Omaha-Cut Ribeye?

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After more than a century as America’s Original Butcher, the masters of Omaha Steaks have done it: created a brand-new steak. We’re proud to introduce the OMAHA-CUT RIBEYE… and it’s only available here.

What’s an Omaha-Cut Ribeye?

It’s a new cut of ribeye, a steak that delivers everything you love about the steak and nothing you don’t. The Omaha-Cut Ribeye is thicker, perfectly sized, and triple-trimmed – we literally guarantee this steak will be a fantastic experience, every time. These exclusive steaks come in both 5 oz. and 6 oz. cuts available at

Creating The Omaha-Cut Ribeye

Omaha Steaks began as a small family butcher shop in Omaha, Nebraska. We’re still here and we’re still the same family.

To make Omaha Steaks even better, the family owners asked for something unprecedented… a brand new steak. With decades of steak experience, our butchers knew it would be something special, but with the Omaha-Cut Ribeye it’s even more. By meticulously hand-carving perfectly aged, richly marbled, and tender ribeyes into a brand new form, they’ve crafted a steak with the very best in flavor unlike any ribeye you’ve ever experienced.

It all starts with careful, expert steak selection.

Every ounce of Omaha Steaks beef is selected by hand and thoroughly inspected for the best color and marbling. This tradition of selecting excellence began in 1917 with the company’s family founders, and continues now with our experienced staff of butchers (like Jerry up there).

Omaha-Cut Ribeye Steaks have to be thick, too. Really thick. We carve them from the best beef ribs anywhere, and make sure that each steak is nearly as tall as it is wide, with great consistency and marbling.

These ribeyes are carved by hand and expertly trimmed not once… not twice… but a full three times. The Triple-Trim is part of what makes this EXCLUSIVE steak special. Nobody else does it. Butchers leave only the extra-meaty, tender center at the heart of each ribeye – with zero exterior fat. You can find ribeyes many places, but you can only get this one here.

Omaha-Cut Ribeye, Sliced

A New Kind of Ribeye

The Omaha-Cut Ribeye is formidably thick and cut extra tall. Each steak is loaded with robust and rich ribeye flavor from the considerable buttery marbling, the fat that melts into the beef as it cooks. What you won’t get is the big pieces of white fat, the parts you don’t want to eat. There’s nothing here but the VERY heart of the world’s best ribeye steak.

The Perfect Steak Cook, Every Time

You’ll love sinking your teeth into the uniquely thick Omaha-Cut Ribeye over and over again, but its signature thickness isn’t just for show. The Omaha-Cut Ribeye’s distinct size and shape allows for a more uniform distribution of heat, making it ideal for everyday chefs. In a nutshell, it’ll cook perfectly every time, no matter how you love your steaks. Your days of overcooking are over. And because they boast that exclusive triple-trimmed leanness and optimal portion size, this steak is just right for a single, satisfying meal. View our Omaha-Cut ribeye cooking guide for indoor cooking and grilling instructions for this thicker steak.

Only from America’s Original Butcher

Nobody else is thinking like this. Nobody else is making steak even better. Only Omaha Steaks, America’s Original Butcher, would – or could – do this. This is a steak 100 years in the making. This is something new, but it’s also something timeless. This is steak perfection.

Guaranteed to be Great

The Omaha-Cut Ribeye is literally guaranteed to be great. That’s how much Omaha Steaks believes in this. If you don’t love every bite of this new steak, you’ll get your money back. Ready to change the way you think about ribeye? Order the NEW Omaha-Cut Ribeye today!

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The Butcher’s Guide: What is an Omaha-Cut Ribeye?

Omaha-Cut Ribeye

Thicker, perfectly sized, triple-trimmed, created here. It’s only at Omaha Steaks, and it will change the way you experience ribeye. Get yours now!