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Butcher’s Guide: What are Butcher’s Cut Steaks?


​Is there anything more delicious than a thick, juicy, perfectly cooked steak? Omaha Steaks exclusive Butcher’s Cut steaks delivers an undeniable, memorable upgrade to your steak dinner with thicker, taller steaks. Here’s what makes our Butcher’s Cut steaks an at-home steakhouse experience you simply can’t find anywhere else.

What are Butcher’s Cut Steaks?

If you know steak, you’ll know that Omaha Steaks exclusive Butcher’s Cut steaks are a big deal. You won’t find thick, juicy steaks like these at your local grocery store. Watch Jerry, an Omaha Steaks master butcher since 1984, and Omaha Steaks Executive Chef David Rose explain what makes our Butcher’s Cut steaks a cut above the rest.

Carved to a Higher Standard

Our master butchers never cut corners – but they do carve out perfection. They are trained using traditional techniques to ensure the perfect cut, every time. Each Butcher’s Cut steak is carved to a higher standard by master butchers to deliver a thick, tall steak.

    • Hand-trimmed by master butchers
    • Double-trimmed to remove most exterior fat
    • Thicker cut for even cooking and juicier bites

Exceptional Marbling

Steak lovers agree that a well-marbled steak delivers rich flavor. Those white flecks of fat inside the steak (marbling) melt into the meat as it cooks delivering a juicy, flavorful bite. Every Butcher’s Cut steak is selected for quality and intense marbling.

Aged 30+ Days

Every Butcher’s Cut steak is aged at least 30 days for maximum tenderness and flavor. This old-world butcher’s art isn’t common today because it takes time, precision, and investment to age steak for a full 30 days, but it’s worth it. Our proprietary aging process delivers a more tender steak bringing out its natural, robust beef flavor.

Flash-Frozen Perfection 

All Omaha Steaks are flash-frozen and individually vacuum-sealed to lock in and preserve exquisite flavor and tenderness. This extremely cold, extremely fast method of freezing steak is like pressing a pause button on nature’s perfect process so you can enjoy it at its peak.

Butcher’s Cut Steak Cuts

Omaha Steaks exclusive Butcher’s Cut lineup features five unique steak cuts:

Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignon

The legendary steakhouse-style filet mignon experience that Omaha Steaks master butchers are proud to deliver every time. To create the famously fork-tender filets you crave, our culinary craftspeople trim each of these twice, removing exterior fat and creating a flawless steak. It’s perfection in every single bite guaranteed.

Butcher’s Cut Ribeye

Experience ribeye like you’ve never tasted before. The Butcher’s Cut Ribeye, previously named Omaha-Cut Ribeye, was created by Omaha Steaks team of master butchers. This truly unique 30-day aged ribeye is trimmed from the heart of the ribeye. It’s thick and tall, like a filet mignon, with the deep marbling and buttery richness only a ribeye can deliver.

Butcher’s Cut New York Strip

The Butcher’s Cut New York Strips is densely marbled with bold flavor and cut from the center of the strip loin. This steak is aged at least 30 days for tenderness and flavor, then hand-trimmed to be leaner and 25% thicker than a traditional strip.

Butcher’s Cut Top Sirloin

Hand-carved by our master butchers to be taller and thicker than traditional top sirloins, with the same bold flavor you love. Expect a leaner, steakhouse-style steak that’s best served medium-rare.

Butcher’s Cut Porterhouse

Cut from the short loin, our master butchers trim away most of the exterior fat and tail section, leaving you with a double-trimmed, thicker steak that is leaner and taller than our traditional Porterhouse. On one side, there’s the bold and intense flavor of the New York Strip. While the other side has the mild flavor of our famously fork-tender Filet Mignon. This is the perfect choice for any steak lover because you’re getting two delicious steaks in one bite.

How to Cook Butcher’s Cut Steaks

Our Butcher’s Cut steaks are a chef’s dream. Thicker steaks mean it’s easier for you to cook your steak to your perfect doneness. No more overcooked steak!

Try any of these steak cooking methods:

Check out Chef Rose’s 8 Pro Tips for Cooking Steak Indoors for restaurant-quality steak at home.

Download the Omaha Steaks mobile app for an easy-to-use steak cooking timer and refer to our Steak Doneness Guide to nail your perfect temperature. Top with garlic herb butcher’s butter and serve with a potato side and cooked vegetable for an incredible steakhouse experience at home.

Our Butcher’s Cut line includes more than just steak. Try our Butcher’s Cut Chicken – premium, antibiotic-free, air-chilled chicken breasts that are more tender, more flavorful, and extra-trimmed by our butchers.

Butcher’s Guide: What are Butcher’s Cut Steaks?

Butcher's Cut Meats

Taller, thicker, juicier, and only at Omaha Steaks.

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