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How to Cook the Omaha-Cut Ribeye


Have you heard the news? There’s a new cut of steak – The Omaha-Cut Ribeye. As America’s Original Butcher, we created a thicker, perfectly sized and triple-trimmed steak from the rib primal. With this new steak-cut, we wanted to share our tips to cook the perfect Omaha-Cut Ribeye steak.

One of the great features of the Omaha-Cut Ribeye is the signature thickness. The extra thick steak allows for more uniform distribution of heat during the cooking process, making the Omaha-Cut Ribeye ideal for everyday chefs. You can cook the Omaha-Cut Ribeye to perfect doneness every single time.

How to Cook the Omaha-Cut Ribeye Indoors

Cooking steak indoors is easy and perfect for bad weather days when you can’t grill outdoors. Our favorite way to cook the Omaha-Cut Ribeye indoors for the perfectly cooked steak every time is sear-roasting. Start by seasoning with our Omaha Steak’s seasoning and cook with these directions:

1. Sear both sides in a hot cast-iron pan
2. Place pan in oven at 300 degrees until steak is done

Check out our video tutorial for the sear-roasting cooking method or visit our guide on how to sear-roast thick steaks:

You can also cook steak in a pan, a broiler or sous vide. Check out our tutorial of all 4 indoor steak cooking methods.

How to Grill the Omaha-Cut Ribeye

When cooking steak, we recommend cooking time based on thickness of steak and your desired doneness. This steak cooking chart will determine how long to cook each side – an Omaha-Cut Ribeye is between 1”-1 ¼” thick. Simply use the steak doneness guide and follow our eight tips for grilling success.

You can also download the Omaha Steaks mobile app with a cooking timer for a perfectly cooked steak every time. The app timer is easy-to-use  – you select the steak cut, cooking method, thickness, and desired doneness and the app calculates cooking times. Simply start the timer on the app for a perfectly cooked steak every single time.

You will love the new Omaha-Cut Ribeye. This extra-thick steak from the heart of the ribeye is easy to cook and tastes amazing.

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How to Cook the Omaha-Cut Ribeye

Omaha-Cut Ribeye

Thicker, perfectly sized, triple-trimmed, created here. It’s only at Omaha Steaks, and it will change the way you experience ribeye. Get yours now!

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