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A century of steak. 


Omaha Steaks was founded in 1917 by father and son J.J. and B.A. Simon in the Heartland, right here in Omaha, Nebraska. The fifth generation of Simon family members still run the business today, building a company rich in history and over 100 years of butcher experience. That heritage is why we’re called Omaha Steaks America’s Original Butcher, but that’s not why everyone loves our steaks. Here are the biggest differences between Omaha Steaks and the rest. 


Why Our Beef is Better


Sourced from the Heartland


It’s a fact: There are more cattle than people in Nebraska, and it’s the highest quality beef in the world. The Simon family started a butcher shop in Omaha, Nebraska for that reason, and it’s why we’re still based here today. This is the heart of beef country, and we love to share that quality with the rest of the country.


The Selection


Omaha Steaks fifth-generation family owner, Bruce Simon, still personally oversees all our beef procurement. His decades of experience – and the combined centuries of experience of his old-school team of butchers – mean every Omaha Steak is hand-chosen for integrity, quality, and marbling.

Impeccable Aging


Omaha Steaks beef is aged for at least 21 days – an old world butcher’s art that naturally results in a more tender steak. At your local grocery, most of the steaks are barely or never aged. Each cut will be placed in the counter with a guess at when you might buy it, but you’ll never know exactly when your food was cut or when it will taste best. 21 days is proven to be the optimal moment of tenderness – we guarantee every steak is aged at least 21 days and then frozen to maintain that perfection until delivery.


Flash Frozen Perfection


Flash freezing is very different than storing steaks in your freezer at home. It’s much, much colder, and much, much faster. Which means that the meat isn’t damaged, because the water inside doesn’t have time to expand. Steaks are essentially frozen in time – capturing peak flavor, tenderness, and juiciness as our butchers intend. When we flash freeze, that peak moment of aging is preserved until you’re ready to prepare your delicious Omaha Steak. It’s like a pause button for nature’s perfect process.


Vacuum Sealed


Omaha Steaks individual vacuum-sealed packaging means that your steak looks and tastes exactly as it should. And it reduces food waste, too – you’ll only need to thaw what you’re going to cook at that moment, leaving the rest of your Omaha Steaks order frozen in time and lying perfectly in wait. We’re saying that every steak we deliver has been aged to perfection, instantly frozen to preserve that perfect moment, and individually sealed to make certain it arrives exactly as you expect from America’s Original Butcher.




We’re steak lovers, too. So we love marbling in every bite – that’s where the richness and flavor comes from. That’s why Omaha Steaks are carved from the best in grass-fed, grain-finished beef. Raising cattle on grasses and finishing them with highly nutritive grains creates the signature flavor of Midwestern beef – well known for exceptional marbling and sweetness. We love this beef, and so have our customers for over 100 years. But… there’s more to the incredible world of steak. Try Omaha Steaks grass-fed beef or signature cross-bred Wagyu beef for the latest in our beef expertise.

Why Omaha Steaks?


1. FAMILY RUN FOR 100+ YEARS –You’re not buying beef from Wall Street –you’re buying from the best in the beef business.


2. FIRST IN FROZEN –We’ve been delivering meals right to your door for the last 50 years –beautifully and safely. Guaranteed.


3. WE ARE THE ORIGINAL FARM TO TABLE – Omaha Steaks sources from the Midwest with the best beef in the world. Our staff of 80 butchers with over 600 years of collective experience ensure that we continue to deliver the best quality day-in and day-out, right to your door.


4. QUALITY – all of these reasons result in the best quality steak. And we back it with a 100% guarantee.


A passion built into a company. A company built into an icon. One thing at the center: THE BEST STEAKS IN THE WORLD.


Experience over a century of steak.



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