New York Strip: A big-city name with a flavor profile to match, learn why many Dads regard this cut with a hunk of burnin’ love.

A Cut Above

Physically speaking, the New York Strip is taken from a large muscle group called the Short Loin. This is the source from which many of your favorite, most tender steaks come.

This steak also features marvelous marbling – the small white lines of fat within the meat. No matter how you cook it, this marbling melts into the meat to infuse it with the boldest flavors and aromas among any of our cuts.

And given that the Short Loin is a large subprimal, that means larger steaks for you. The more the merrier, right?

What’s in a Name?

Like so many of its savory siblings, the New York Strip enjoys a plethora of meaty monikers: Kansas City Strip, Top Loin Steak, Club Steak, and Omaha Strip to name a few. So why did “New York” stick? Simple: that’s where it all began – the Delmonico restaurant in New York City, to be exact.

But what’s in a name? When it hits your tongue, you’ll be so wrapped up in the bold, beefy flavor you won’t care what you called it in the first place.

A Bone to Pick

While enjoyed most often as a boneless offering, sometimes your New York Strip will be offered as a bone-in option. Ever wondered why the bone is even there?

Before a butcher brings the cleaver down, you’ll find the New York Strip having a “meat cute” with its friend Filet Mignon, the two connected together to form the iconic T-Bone steak. When the Strip and the Filet are separated, the butcher may leave that middle bone with the Strip.

Now, before removing the meat from the bone, consider leaving it alone. The bone insulates the steak as it cooks for a juicier and, ultimately, more unforgettable meal.

Masterful marbling. Unmistakable flavor. Choice of bone-in or boneless. It’s no wonder Dads have dubbed the New York Strip with one last name: “The Ultimate Grilling Steak.”


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for freshness and comprehensiveness.


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Learn how the New York strip gets it's amazing marbling, bold flavor, and the origin of the name. We also share the difference between boneless and bone-in New York strip steak. #steakology #steaktips #newyorkstrip #NYstripsteak #steak #omahasteaks

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