How to Grill the Perfect Ribeye for Father’s Day

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ribeye steak on the grill
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Remember making homemade cards for Dad for Father’s Day? He loved them, right? This year, you can make him something that’s pretty to look at AND delicious when you learn how to grill the perfect ribeye.

Grill a Great Steak for Father’s Day

What’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day? Here at Omaha Steaks, we firmly believe there’s only one choice to make and it’s not tie or coffee mug. Choose a tender, juicy steak and, for the ultimate gift, grill it for Dad on his special day – it’s a great way to show how much you care.

But which steak should you choose for Father’s Day? You can’t go wrong with a classic ribeye. Follow this official steak infographic guide for information on how to grill a ribeye steak. Learn how to prep your grill and how long to cook steak for perfect results every time! Whether Dad likes his Father’s Day steak rare, medium or well-done, we’ve got you covered.

How to Grill the Perfect Ribeye

Infographic teaching how to grill the perfect ribeye from Omaha Steaks

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Omaha Steaks is the gift that Dad wants for Father’s Day. Every gift is delivered, 100% guaranteed to satisfy. And they’re packed with all the things he craves – juicy ribeyes, tender filet mignon, sides, desserts, and more. Or, if you’re looking to REALLY big, check out Omaha Steaks Ultimate Gifts for complete experiences with grills, smokers, and sous vide cookers included.

More Ways to Cook Steak

While you’re working on becoming a steak expert, check out all the resources from the team here at Omaha Steaks. Rainy weather? Learn how to cook steak indoors. Cooking steak for a special occasion? Check out steak recipes for unforgettable idea and more cooking tips. And if you’re looking to know exactly how long to cook steak for medium rare, get the complete Omaha Steaks Cooking Chart here.

HURRY! Father’s Day 2018 is June 17th. Order a steak gift package today!