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18 Complete Steakhouse-Style Recipes You Can Make at Home


​Bring the steakhouse to your house whenever the craving hits with our chef-created recipes. These steakhouse-style meals include juicy, tender, perfectly cooked steaks and burgers, mouthwatering side dishes, and spectacular presentations. From classic steakhouse cuisine to surf and turf delights and Instagram-worthy burgers, these 18 incredible recipes from Executive Chef David Rose are sure to impress and will rival your favorite steakhouse. Let’s get cooking.

Classic Steakhouse Recipes

A classic steakhouse dinner is a timeless and indulgent experience that celebrates the rich flavors of perfectly cooked steak, accompanied by delicious sides, and a glass of red wine. Enjoy restaurant-quality taste without ever leaving your home with these traditional steak dinner recipes.

Parmesan-Crusted Ribeye with Garlic Mashed Potato Purée and Wok-Fried Green Beans on plate

Parmesan-Crusted Ribeye with Garlic Mashed Potato Purée and Wok-Fried Green Beans

Add steakhouse flair to a classic ribeye with a flavorful Parmesan crumble. Pair with crispy wok-fried green beans and a creamy garlic potato purée for an unforgettable steak dinner.


Reverse seared, medium-rare sliced filet mignon served with creamy orzo pasta with pancetta and topped with caponata

Filet Mignon with Caponata & Creamy Orzo Pasta with Pancetta

Transport your tastebuds to Italy with this incredible reverse-seared filet mignon paired with creamy orzo pasta with savory pancetta and topped with a flavorful sweet, and spicy caponata.

Southwest Rubbed NY Strip Steak With Creamy Peppercorn Sauce and Parmesan-Herb Steakhouse Fries on plate

Southwest Rubbed NY Strip Steak with Creamy Peppercorn Sauce and Parmesan-Herb Steakhouse Fries 

Steak and fries are a classic steakhouse combination. Level up a bold, beefy NY Strip with flavorful Southwest seasoning and top it with a creamy peppercorn sauce served with expertly seasoned fries.

Surf & Turf Steakhouse Recipes

A perfectly cooked steak and seafood dinner is a luxurious dining experience, perfect for special occasions or romantic dinners. These steakhouse-style recipes feature juicy, tender steak expertly paired with a complementary seafood and delightful side dishes.

Perfectly cooked and sliced medium-rare porterhouse steak seasoned with African spices and cooking using the reverse sear method. Served on a bed of curried shrimp pearl pasta and drizzled with collard green chimichurri.

African-Spiced Porterhouse with Curried Shrimp Pearl Pasta & Collard Green Chimichurri

This surf-and-turf recipe is a flavor explosion combining bold, peppery flavors of Africa and the Caribbean. The African spice rub brings out the incredible flavors of the Porterhouse in this unforgettable recipe.

Private reserve new york strip steak oscar style with bernaise sauce and jumbo lump crab meat served with brown butter chive gnocchi with sauteed asparagus

New York Strip Steak Oscar Style with Brown Butter Gnocchi

This elegant recipe features Private Reserve® New York Strip Oscar style, complete with béarnaise sauce, jumbo lump crab meat, and pillowy perfect bites of brown butter chive potato gnocchi with asparagus. It’s a meal fit for a king (or queen.)

Sliced medium-rare tomahawk steak with chunky lobster butter

Tomahawk Ribeye with Spicy Lobster Butter

This surf ‘n turf recipe has it all: flavor-enhancing signature seasoning, rich and well-marbled gourmet steak, wild-caught succulent lobster, and a 30-minute combined prep and cook time! Surf’s – and fork’s – up!

Filet Mignon Steakhouse Recipes

The decadent filet mignon is often the star of many steakhouse dinners. And for good reason. This incredibly tender cut of beef has a mild flavor and fork-tender texture that pairs well with rich sauces and flavorful side dishes. Try these chef-created filet mignon complete steakhouse-style recipes for your next special occasion or just because.

sumac filet mignon on plate

Sumac Crusted Filet Mignon with Honey-Lemon Glazed Carrots and Garlic Mashed Potatoes

While this Private Reserve® Filet Mignon is the pinnacle of fork-tender perfection and delivers amazing taste, we’re leveling it up with a sumac crust full of tart and sharp flavors with a hint of sweetness. Rounding out this amazing dish are creamy and savory garlic mashed potatoes and a flavorful honey-lemon glazed carrot side you’ll crave again and again.

Grilled Filet Mignon with Blue cheese butter and hasselback potatoes served on a plate

Blue Cheese Chive Butter-Rested Filet Mignon with Fully Loaded Hasselback Potatoes

With a ridiculously tender Omaha Steaks Private Reserve® Filet Mignon dripping with savory juices and creamy blue cheese chive butter as the centerpiece and the uniquely textured and flavor-packed fully loaded Hasselback potato as a side, this recipe delivers a gourmet steakhouse experience right at home.

Maple Bourbon-Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon plated with Potato-Parmesan-Leek Pancake

Maple Bourbon-Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Filet with Potato-Parmesan-Leek Pancakes

This maple bourbon-glazed bacon-wrapped filet with potato-parmesan-leek pancakes recipe delivers a 5-star dining experience at the hottest restaurant in town: your kitchen. The only thing we love more than the dish’s fantastic textures and flavors is its mind-blowing combined prep and cook time of under 45 minutes! 

Blackened Filet Mignon with Chipotle Butter and Lobster, Bacon, and Corn Sauté on plate

Blackened Filet Mignon with Chipotle Butter and Lobster, Bacon, and Corn Sauté

This is not a stuffy steak and lobster tail sat next to each other on the plate. This is a perfectly seared filet mignon steak with savory chipotle butter served on top of a flavor-bursting sauté of lobster, sweet corn, and bacon.


Sliced medium-rare Filet mignon on white plate served with spicy shrimp broth, succotash, and creamy parsnip puree

Filet Mignon with Spicy Shrimp Broth

From the savory and juicy flavors of a perfectly cooked filet mignon and the satisfyingly spicy and sweet seafood broth to the healthy and refreshing succotash side, everything you could want in a meal is featured in this recipe. 

Suya-Dusted Filet Mignon with “Red Rice” Risotto

This complete steakhouse-style dinner features a perfectly pan-seared filet mignon topped with a flavorful suya spice seasoning and paired with a savory “red rice” risotto.

Unique Steakhouse Recipes You Need to Try

You won’t find these unique, mouthwatering recipes on every steakhouse menu, but don’t sleep on these delicious dishes! Try these non-traditional steakhouse favorites for a world of flavor and culinary adventure.

Pan-Seared Salmon with Lemon-Dill Butter Sauce and Sautéed Mushrooms and Spinach on plate

Pan-Seared Salmon with Lemon-Dill Butter Sauce and Sautéed Mushrooms and Spinach

While steak may be the star of the show at a steakhouse, many offer fantastic seafood dishes as well. Full of rich, earthly flavors and citrusy notes, this perfectly pan-salmon recipe allows you to experience the flavors of the steakhouse in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Grilled Ribeye with Arugula Salsa Verde and Grilled Fingerling Potatoes with romesco sauce served on a plate

Grilled Ribeye with Arugula Salsa Verde and Grilled Fingerling Potatoes

Try this incredible grilled ribeye steak topped with arugula salsa verde for a tangy, refreshing flavor kick. Served with a side of grilled fingerling potatoes with Romesco sauce and a fresh arugula salad, this complete steak dinner is perfect for summer (or anytime.)

Sweet Soy Top Sirloin with Quinoa “Fried Rice” & Cauliflower Purée

Enjoy this sweet soy top sirloin with quinoa “fried rice,” and cauliflower purée any night of the week. This unique steak dinner has all the flavors of your favorite Chinese takeout, but healthier.

Steakhouse-Style Burger Recipes

Elevate the humble burger into a steakhouse experience with Omaha Steaks PureGround™ burgers made from a single cut of steak for intense flavor and extra-juicy texture, gourmet toppings, and expert seasoning. Next time you’re craving a burger, make one of these next-level steakhouse-style recipes and prepare to be blown away by the amazing flavors.

Caramelized onions, and Gruyere cheese – served with a juicy pan-seared filet mignon burger on a toasted onion bun.

French Onion Filet Mignon Burger

This burger is comfort food on a bun. All the flavors of French onion soup – the herbs, the caramelized onions, and even the Gruyere cheese – served with a juicy pan-seared filet mignon burger on a toasted onion bun.

Italian stallion burger with PureGround delmonico burgers, chicken parmesan, pesto mayo and arugula on a toasted brioche bun

The Italian Stallion Burger

If you can’t decide between chicken or a burger, then this Italian stallion is the burger recipe for you. Made with our boneless chicken breast, delicious Delmonico burgers, homemade pesto mayo, and spicy marinara, this recipe is packed with juicy and tender flavors from top to bottom.

Fried Lobster Po’ Boy Cheeseburger

From the juicy, steak-on-a-bun taste of a filet mignon burger and the buttery, sweet flavors of fried lobster to the zesty spice of the remoulade, this burger will transport your tastebuds to a serious Mardi Gras Party.

Create your next culinary masterpiece to wow your friends and family with Omaha Steaks and Executive Chef David Rose’s exclusive steakhouse-style recipes. Your taste buds (and your guests) will thank you!

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