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15 Foods for GameDay at Home During Football Season


Fall is here and that means Football and tailgating!


As we all know, 2020 has been a challenging year and in some parts of the country, football season has been sacked. But, even though your favorite team isn’t storming the grid iron you can still enjoy all your favorite tailgating foods with your family at home. So, here’s a tasty playbook for gameday at home.

15 Food for Gameday at Home

1. Fully Cooked Chicken Wings: It’s simply not a tailgate (or a gameday at home) without chicken wings. These meaty beauties are fully cooked, crispy, and loaded with high-powered flavor that will more than satisfy your hungry crew.

2. Air Fryer boneless buffalo chicken bites: Since air fryers have become the hottest new kitchen gadget on the market, this boneless buffalo wing recipe will give you all your favorite flavors from traditional fried buffalo wings, with less calories and fat.

3. Burgers: Great gameday at home requires great burgers made with outstanding beef. At Omaha Steaks, we start with aged steak trimmings ground by our master butchers. They are formed into juicy patties and individually flash frozen to lock in freshness. Here’s chef-inspired recipes for 4 delicious burger varieties you’ll love!

4. Beef Franks: Always a crowd favorite, our Gourmet Franks will satisfy both the adults and the kids. Warning: these aren’t the skinny and bland franks found in grocery store coolers! These are larger, juicier, and will fill up your bun like a giant brat.

5.Grilled BLT steak kabobs: A BLT as tailgate food? Only if those three little letters are paired with delicious Omaha Steaks! Our executive chef team created a delicious skewer recipe with tender, juicy steak bites, thick bacon, fresh lettuce, and tomato. This mouthwatering kabob combination with rich flavors of steak takes the classic BLT to an epic level.

6. Philly cheesesteak sirloin: Gameday food needs to be: fun; delicious; and easy to make. These Philly Cheesesteak Sirloin sandwiches check all three of those boxes! Made with rich and bold Omaha Steaks sirloin, these philly’s cook up in just minutes. Yes, MINUTES! It’s the tastiest and fastest gameday meal you can serve your family.

7. Kielbasa Sausages: Another classic tailgating food that’s easy to make – our gourmet Kielbasa Sausages. Traditionally smoked, seasoned, and cased, these juicy links are guaranteed to wow your family.

8. Artisan Flatbread: Filet Mignon Cheesesteak: A finger food favorite, this artisan flatbread will quickly become an all-star in your gameday lineup! Perfectly aged and fork-tender filet mignon is paired with fresh red and green bell peppers, savory onions, and fire-roasted garlic. Creamy melted mozzarella holds it all together atop crispy handmade, oven-baked flatbread.

9. All-Beef Meatballs: Our expert butchers grind the highest-quality hand-selected beef to form the foundation of our all-beef meatballs. Then we add just the right amount of Italian seasoning to balance the taste and fully cook them to perfection. With the hard work done, all you have to do is serve them up and get ready for the barrage of high-fives from your family!

10. Smoked whole beef brisket: Looking to elevate your gameday fare? Then, this smoked whole beef brisket is just what you need! But don’t worry – Omaha Steaks has taken all the guesswork out of the equation with this easy-to-follow recipe that will have you feeling like a down-home BBQ pro in no time.

11. Chicken skewers with vegetables: These delicious, grill-ready kabobs will score you serious points with your family at your next gameday at home! Premium chicken breast is hand-carved into cubes, delicately seasoned with salt and pepper, and threaded on bamboo skewers with a colorful medley of red onions, green and red peppers. They’re so tasty you’ll definitely want to go for two!

12. Omaha Steakhouse Chili: A perennial All-Pro tailgate food, chili holds a special place in everyone’s heart as their go-to meal before a big game. But only Omaha Steaks could take that comfort food and elevate it to another level! Omaha Steakhouse® Chili is a hearty meal brimming with perfectly seasoned ground beef and loaded with black beans and red and green peppers. It comes portioned in convenient bags you just boil, or heat in the microwave.

13. Grilled steak: Luckily, grilling the perfect steak isn’t complicated – anyone can do it, regardless of chef skills. Impress your family at your next gameday at home by using our eight secrets for the grilling the perfect steak.

14. One-pan steak frites: Steak-frites, French for “steak and fries”, is a popular dish with fried steak bites and crispy potatoes. Our version of steak frites is made in one skillet with juicy steak bites and French fries or garlic mashed potatoes (your choice), all smothered in garlic aioli sauce.

15. Mini lobster grilled cheese: Bring out the kid in you with this grown-up version of a childhood favorite! Freshly caught sweet Maine lobster is paired with a delicious blend of four cheeses – cream, Swiss, Parmesan, & Romano – on a buttery French baguette for a decadent and flavorful gameday at home appetizer.

Fill your freezer with Omaha Steaks and be ready for an epic gameday at home with family and friends this football season.

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15 Foods for GameDay at Home During Football Season

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