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Upgrade your Tailgate with Epic Meat


Tailgating is the ultimate fanfare. It’s an all-encompassing experience – crowds decked out in the team colors, the enticing smells of charcoal and barbecue and a FAN-tastic way to enjoy a sporting event. Upgrade your next pre-game experience with the best meats for tailgating.

You can be like everyone else in the lot with burgers and hot dogs, or you can bust out the big meats and become the hero of the tailgate. You want an EPIC tailgate, you need EPIC meat.

Roll out your smoker and grill with these seven drool worthy meats for a tailgating experience that will be the talk of the season.

Whole Beef Brisket

A whole 12 lb. competition-grade beef brisket is perfect for professional smokers and hobbyist alike. Our beef brisket includes both the flat-cut and point – aged 28 days for extra-tender texture. Make an epic smoked brisket in just six simple steps. Smoke this 12 lbs or marbled perfection for a tailgate that brings all the fans to the pre-game.

Bone-in Pork Butt

Pork shoulder is one of the easiest cuts to smoke making it a perfect choice for a tailgate. Our 7 lb bone-in pork butt is skinless and laced with flavorful fat that melts into the meat during slow-cooking turning it into the juiciest, tenderest, richest pork you’ve ever eaten. All you need to do is rub the pork shoulder liberally with any of our signature dry rub blends, ready your smoker, and slowly bring it up to temperature over wood smoke. Serve as pulled pork on a plate or in a sandwich for a feast before the big game. Check out our perfect smoked pork instructions.

Tri-Tip Roast

Upgrade your Tailgate with Epic Meat

Tri-tip roast, carved from the sirloin subprimal, has an unforgettable bold, steak flavor and juiciness. It’s an incredibly versatile beef cut, that can be sliced for sandwiches for your tailgate, made into fajitas, as well as served in traditional roast fashion.

Baby Back Pork Ribs

No tailgate is complete without the perfect rack of juicy ribs. Everyone has their secret sauce for making ribs, but the real secret to delicious ribs is starting with the best ribs possible. Omaha Steaks split baby back pork ribs are some of the meatiest, most tender ribs you’ll find. Each rack is expertly trimmed and split in two, so your ribs are easy to prepare and share. Of course, sharing is optional. 


Impress your guests with a stunning tomahawk ribeye steak with a 7-inch handle. This well-marbled, rich steak is larger than life and over the top. You will have a crowd at your tailgate when you they see this incredible steak on your grill. Check out our tomahawk butcher’s guide more about this cut and easy cooking instructions. You can’t spell tomahawk without Omaha and this one-of-a-kind steak is guaranteed to satisfy.

King Cut Ribeye

Upgrade your Tailgate with Epic Meat

For another unforgettable ribeye experience, try our 48 oz King Cut Ribeye on the bone. This giant (three pounds) piece of prime rib is expertly caved by our butcher into a steak that will break your plate. To share or not to share at your tailgate is the only question with this ribeye of your dreams.

King Cut T-bone

Love filet mignon and New York Strip? The 48 oz King Cut T-bone Steak gives you best of both steaks with a generous filet mignon portion. This awe-inspiring steak will be the talk of the tailgate. Cook this massive beast with our instructions on how to smoke a giant steak.

Don’t forget these tailgating essentials when you plan your ultimate tailgate.

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