Top Things to Bring to a Tailgate

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Tailgating is one of our favorite fall activities. Tasty food, cold drinks, friends, and FOOTBALL – can it get any better than this? If you’ve tailgated before you know you always end up forgetting something that you need. That’s why we put together this handy tailgating checklist.

Have the best tailgate in the lot when you are stocked with these tailgating essentials!

Here’s the top things to bring to a tailgate:

Meat – Burgers, franks, and steaks are the star at any tailgate. Make your neighbors jealous when you grill Omaha Steaks (plus, having everything individually wrapped makes it easier). Make sure to bring the right seasonings , too!

Hot dog and hamburger buns – If you’re grilling burgers and franks, make sure to bring enough buns.

Toppers – A condiment bar gives your friends options for burger and franks toppers. You can bring the mustard and ketchup or upgrade tailgate with Omaha Steaks toppers, like Dijon Mustard Aioli or Sweet Bourbon Onions. The easy trays go straight on the grill!

Top Things to Bring to a Tailgate
Grill & grill tools – A small portable grill is perfect for tailgating. Make sure to bring your grilling tools, including spatula and grill tongs, aluminum foil, and hot pads to handle the food on grill. Don’t forget propane, charcoal, lighter fluid and lighters, depending on whether you have gas or charcoal grill. Having the right tools to light your grill is essential.

Drinks – Don’t forget the drinks. Bring your favorite beverages and make sure to pack some extra water on hot fall days. If you bring bottled drinks, pack a bottle opener too.

Cooler – Keep your meat, toppers, and drinks cold with a cooler and ice. Did you know you can reuse Omaha Steaks coolers and they’re great for tailgating! Keep all your drinks on ice in a cooler or freeze 6+ unopened water bottles the night before and use those to help keep food cool. Bonus, at the end of the tailgate, you can drink ice cold water.

Plates, Silverware & Napkins – Utensils are essential. Use plastic cups or repurposed cans to hold the silverware and napkins.

Chairs – It’s inevitable that at least one of your friends forgets a camping chair. Always pack a few extra chairs for your friends. Plus, you never know who will stop by, especially if you’re grilling Omaha Steaks.

Folding table – A solid folding table will give you room to set out food and drinks. Add a tablecloth with your team’s color for easy cleanup and simple decor.

Games – If you plan to tailgate for more than a few hours, bring games to keep the party lively. Cornhole is a classic Midwest favorite.  Ladder toss, horseshoes, football toss, frisbee, and ring toss are also great games. For more chill, grab a deck of cards or a football trivia game.

Cleaning supplies – Paper Towels, hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes, and trash bags will make sure you keep your area clean before, during, and after your tailgate.

Extras – Depending on the weather and time of the game, you may need sunblock, bug spray, an umbrella, and sunglasses. And, no matter what, don’t forget to sport your team colors and gear.

That’s it! Now you have the essentials to host an amazing tailgate to cheer on your favorite teams!

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Top Things to Bring to a Tailgate

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Top Things to Bring to a Tailgate