How to Cook Swordfish

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How to Cook Swordfish
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World Port Seafood swordfish steaks are responsibly sourced from global waters and flash-frozen from the moment they’re prepared, so you can trust you’re receiving world-class seafood as fresh as the day it was caught. Our experienced chefs have taken steps to ensure cooking this restaurant-quality entrée is as effortless in your own kitchen as it is immensely satisfying. Each steak is fully prepared – completely boneless and skinless – weighs a thick 6 ounces, and comes individually vacuum-sealed for you to cook however many you need.

Like many of its ocean-dwelling cousins, every 6 oz. of swordfish brings an exceptional amount of health benefits to the table – rich with protein, excellent Omega-3s, and even a noteworthy amount of Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D. It’s a supreme choice for anyone looking for a nutrient-packed meal.

Boasting a mild, sometimes delicate flavor, these boneless steaks are ideal for a variety of unique swordfish steak recipes. When was the last time you’ve had a succulent, ocean-fresh seafood stew? Swordfish meat is perfect for it. You can also try it marinated in a simple mixture of olive oil and lemon with a side mellow, earthy asparagus. How about under a drizzle of lemon caper wine sauce? Or put a new spin on your family taco night by seasoning our swordfish steaks with chipotle seasoning and mixing it with sweet and tangy salsa.

How to Bake Swordfish

Baking swordfish is among the easiest methods of cooking due in large part to not requiring any flipping or turning the fish. After a short 10-12 minutes in the oven, you’ll have a luxuriously juicy meal easy enough for any night of the week yet impressive enough for celebrations. Read the complete guide to baking swordfish.


How to Pan Saute Swordfish

This marvelously simple method lets you enjoy the thrill of the sizzle and is perfect for single-portion servings. Even though you brush your swordfish steaks with melted butter or oil, remember to add oil to the pan to make it easy to flip without harming the delicate meat. Read the complete guide on how to pan sear swordfish.


How to Grill Swordfish

If you’ve never had the opportunity to grill fish, you’re in for quite the treat. Swordfish meat is dense like a beef steak so it makes the perfect fish to grill as a steak or cut up on skewers. They’re a fantastic option for giving your next backyard BBQ a fresh experience. Read the complete guide to how to grill swordfish.