How to Pan Sear Swordfish

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How to Pan Sear Swordfish
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With a delicate fish flavor and nutrient-richness of gourmet seafood and firmness like a great steak, World Port Seafood Swordfish Steaks are the very definition of their name. The majestic size of the swordfish, as a whole, affords it the opportunity for our master butchers to carve it into the thickest of fish steaks. And its genuinely dense texture doesn’t only imitate your favorite cut of beef, but it also allows you to prepare and cook them any way you wish. Seafood skewers anyone?


Thawing Swordfish

They sound exotic and hard to cook, but swordfish steaks are remarkably effortless to prepare. We take great pride in delivering each steak individually vacuum-sealed for maximum safety and cooking convenience. Simply take however individually sealed portions you need and begin thawing them in your refrigerator overnight. The more gradual you can thaw these seafood steaks the better they’ll retain their world-class texture and taste. However, if you need them quicker, you may thaw them in a cold water bath. Place each steak in a sink or bowl of cold water and replace the water ever 30 minutes or so to maintain their chilled temperature. Check the steaks every 30 minutes or so by pressing your finger lightly into the flesh. If you do not feel any frozen spots – particularly in the middle of the steak – then they are appropriately thawed. Check out the fish thawing guide for more details.


Preparing Swordfish

When cooking swordfish in a pan – or any fish for that matter – you want to make a concerted effort to keep it from sticking to the pan, harming the delicate meat. You can add oil to the pan as it preheats on a medium to medium-high heat, just keep watch as if the oil begins to smoke you know it’s too hot. We recommend brushing the fish with melted butter or oil. This will help you flip the swordfish steaks with ease, helps prevent any moisture loss, and helps any seasonings you use stick with authority. Speaking of, swordfish boasts an incredible flavor allowing you to season to your hearts content with minimal risk of covering up that natural seafood taste.


Pan Searing Swordfish

Once your swordfish steaks are prepped and your pan is preheated to a medium or medium-high heat, put them in the pan – skin side down. The skin insulates the fish meat on the bottom of your steak from the heat of the pan helping it to cook more evenly throughout. Sauté this first side for 6-8 minutes on medium heat or 4-5 minutes on medium-high heat. Flip and sauté the second side for another 6-8 minutes on medium or a short 3-4 minutes on medium-high. Plate with your favorite side or swordfish recipe and enjoy!


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