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How to Bake Swordfish


Swordfish may sound exotic and hard to cook, but it is easy to prepare. Swordfish is meat and healthy with a subtle flavor and lean steak-like texture, making it the go-to fish for those who might not consider themselves seafood lovers. Omaha Steaks Swordfish Steaks is responsibly sourced from oceans around the globe and  comes to you flash-frozen to ensure ocean-fresh flavor. Follow the step-by-step guide below for how to bake swordfish.

How to Bake Swordfish

Enjoy a perfectly baked swordfish steak in less than 15 minutes in the oven.

1. Thaw Swordfish

Each swordfish steak comes to you individually vacuum-sealed and flash-frozen for maximum safety and cooking convenience. Before baking your swordfish, each steak will need to thaw using one of two methods: thaw in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours or using the cold-water method. For faster thawing, remove steaks from packaging, place in a sealable plastic bag. remove as much air from the bag as possible, and immerse in cold water for approximately 30 minutes.

2. Preheat Oven

Baking swordfish in the oven is one of the easiest ways to prepare swordfish. Start with preheating your oven to 400° degrees.

3. Season Swordfish

Once the swordfish is done thawing, start with brushing them lightly with melted butter or oil., this prevents moisture loss and allow the seasoning to stay on better. Thanks to the incredible quality of Omaha Steaks Swordfish, there is no need to season heavily. Your Swordfish will be outstanding with simply just salt and pepper or our Seafood Rub. To jazz things up, use your favorite marinade or compound butter to bring out all the wonderful flavors.

4. Bake Swordfish for 10-12 Minutes

Next, on a baking sheet, place each swordfish steak skin-side down and place in the preheated oven, cooking for 10-12 minutes, the meat will become opaque. Plate with your favorite side dish and you’ll have a luxurious entrée that is great for any special occasion. Learn how to cook all your favorite seafood using our expert seafood cooking chart.

Other Ways to Cook Swordfish

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in December, 2021 for freshness and comprehensiveness.

How to Bake Swordfish


Responsibly sourced from oceans around the globe and always delivered frozen fresh for the greatest seafood experience any time you wish.

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