How to Bake Swordfish

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How to Cook Swordfish
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Swordfish is meaty, healthy, and delicious… and not difficult to make at home. Choose high-quality frozen swordfish steaks you can trust, then follow this guide on how to bake swordfish. To flavor things up, try one of our favorite seafood recipes, too.

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How to Thaw Swordfish

Before baking your swordfish, each steak will need to thaw overnight in your refrigerator or, if you need them faster, submerged in cold water. Using the cold water method, you’ll want to check them every 30 minutes by pressing into the flesh. If the center is still frozen, refresh the water to ensure its cold temperature and check it again in another 30 minutes. Never use warm or hot water to thaw fish – or meat of any kind – because it forms an environment for harmful bacteria to grow while thawing and also changes the overall texture, causing the protein to lose its coveted juiciness. Cold water is the only way to quickly thaw and ensure an eating experience that closely resembles enjoying it freshly prepared from the ocean.


How to Bake Swordfish

Baking swordfish is among the easiest methods of cooking due in large part to not requiring any flipping or turning the fish. Begin by preheating your oven to 400º and preparing your thawed swordfish steaks by brushing them lightly with melted butter or oil to help prevent excessive moisture loss. Then season or marinate to your heart’s content. With swordfish’s more delicate flavor, there’s little worry about covering up flavor you’d otherwise miss. Place each swordfish steak skin-side-down on an appropriately sized baking sheet and then slide into your preheated oven. After a short 10-12 minutes, or when the swordfish meat is opaque, you’ll have a luxuriously juicy entrée impressive enough for celebrations and easy enough for any weeknight.