Benefits of Frozen Seafood

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World Port Seafood is your source for premium, ocean-fresh seafood delivered direct to your door. Our unyielding commitment to offering the finest frozen seafood year-round lets you and yours gather around some of the greatest seafood you’ll ever experience any time you wish.

Where it Begins

We start by selecting the very best fisheries the world has to offer. Our sources has been hand-selected by our team of experts, with every choice possible based on a set of strict quality standards to find seafood farmed from the world’s leaders in environmentally-responsible aquaculture. Held in the highest regard, these trusted, industry leading fisheries don’t just practice what they preach, they live it day after day. From boat to your door, each catch and harvest is handled with the utmost responsibility and care for our ocean ecosystem, even going as far as to help supplement the wild-caught fish supply.

Frozen Seafood Delivered

Whether sustainably wild-caught or responsibly farm-raised, every item you order from World Port Seafood will always have one thing in common – it will arrive at your door frozen. Freezing ensures a level of convenience, value, and year-round availability of your favorite seafood that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Our exacting process of ocean-fresh preservation begins moments after the fish are caught or harvested, with the cleaning and freezing happening right on that boat whenever possible. When quickly frozen, we’re able to preserve the fish in a “moment of time,” locking in the freshest flavor and most moisture without causing extensive structural damage to the cells of the meat. This provides you with an incredible eating experience akin to catching and preparing the meal yourself. The seafood is then brought to an inland facility where it’s carved while still frozen, individually vacuum-sealed to ensure, and flash-frozen at temperatures of up to 60º below zero to further preserve that exquisite texture, taste, and color for delivery.

Compare this process to your local supermarket seafood counter where the formerly frozen fish is, more often than not, slowly thawing and degrading in the display case as you ruminate over what to buy. The difference is unmistakable.

Benefits of Frozen Fish

The flavor and incredible eating experience aren’t the only reason to love frozen. There are innumerable other benefits to our process that one might not immediately notice.

  • Environmentally Sound – Frozen seafood can be transported by boat opposed to plane which is better for the planet due to its lower carbon footprint.
  • Better Quality Meat – Flash-freezing fish creates smaller ice crystals in an around the meat than, say, freezing in your home freezer, which allows for the natural structure of the meat to stay better intact.
  • More Nutritious – Seafood quickly and deeply frozen like ours helps preserve the inherent nutrients longer.
  • No Seasonality – Like produce, fishing is traditionally limited to seasons. World Port Seafood’s frozen fish eliminates that seasonality affording you the chance to eat what you want, when you want.
  • Less Waste – Since World Port Seafood is frozen and individually vacuum-sealed, you select only the amount of fish you want to thaw, leaving the rest frozen for another day.
  • Safer for Fishermen – Since they can freeze the fish on their boats, fishermen can afford to wait for optimal conditions to bring their catch inland for processing.

How many of these benefits can you trust you’ll receive when purchasing the previously frozen fish from your local supermarket? With reputable, industry leading fisheries certified in the best aquaculture practices, shop the only name you can trust for the freshest seafood taste, flash-frozen, and delivered directly to your door: World Port Seafood.