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The Omaha-Cut Ribeye
EXCLUSIVE! Only from Omaha Steaks, America's Original Butcher. This all-new ribeye is thicker cut and Triple-Trimmed by our master butchers to deliver an absolutely perfect ribeye experience. It's the only NEW steak you can get anywhere, and it could only come from us. Five generations and 100 years of steak expertise went into creating the Omaha-Cut Ribeye, and you will taste the difference.

EXCLUSIVE! Thicker & Triple-Trimmed

Omaha-Cut Ribeyes
4 (5 oz.) steaks   #3032GXV
  • EXCLUSIVE: Only available at Omaha Steaks!
  • Thick, hand-carved, and carefully trimmed - a truly unique ribeye
  • Rich, buttery ribeye flavor with tender, meaty texture
  • Aged at least 28 days for maximum tenderness
  • Flash frozen after carving for perfect delivery
  • Intense marbling deepens rich ribeye flavor
  • Cooks more uniformly than standard-cut ribeyes
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Introducing The Omaha-Cut Ribeye
Carved by hand to create the perfect ribeye experience! The Omaha-Cut Ribeye is only the very heart of the very best ribeye - that's juicy, marbled steak, cut thicker so that the marbling melts perfectly as it cooks. You'll get incredible results every time, because generations of experience went into creating this perfect steak.

About the NEW Omaha-Cut Ribeye

About the NEW Omaha-Cut Ribeye
Thick Cut
Omaha Steaks butchers cut each Omaha-Cut Ribeye extra thick, only from the heart of our best 21-day-aged ribeyes. This steak will cook perfectly to your favorite temperature every time.
Triple Trimmed
Everything but the very center of the best ribeyes has been carefully carved away. Our exclusive Triple-Trim means zero imperfections, zero exterior fat, and perfection in every bite.
Perfectly Sized
Only Omaha Steaks has the expertise to create a truly NEW steak. It's just the right size for even cooking and great meals, and we guarantee that it's going to be your new favorite.
The Omaha-Cut Ribeye
Omaha Steaks first brand-new steak since 1917 is truly unlike any ribeye that has come before it. Our master butchers took 100 years of steak expertise and went to work - the result is a custom-cut steak that's guaranteed to be flavorful, juicy, easy to cook, and a perfect eating experience. This is OUR new kind of ribeye.
Learn all about how Omaha Steaks master butchers used five-generations of heartland steak knowledge to revolutionize the American steakhouse favorite. Better still, learn how to cook the Omaha-Cut Ribeye perfectly at home here.
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