The Best Bulk Meat Delivery from America’s Original Butcher

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Imagine a freezer full of the best steaks, roasts, and burgers available. Solve the “What’s for dinner?” dilemma for months with beef by the quarter and a stocked freezer.

Why Buy Meat in Bulk?

If you enjoy home cooked, quality meals, you will love buying meat in bulk. It’s convenient to have a selection of high-quality proteins for your meals. Just imagine being able to cook up a delicious meal any night of the week without the hassle of shopping for meat every visit to the grocery store.

Buy a Quarter the Smart Way

Traditionally, you’d have to know a cattle farmer, coordinate with a local meat processor, arrange delivery, arrange freezing, and pick up weeks later. And, you’d have to choose a front or back quarter, limiting the cuts you get. An Omaha Steak’s Butcher’s Share is not a traditional quarter – we’ll do all the work and deliver you all the best beef.

Delivered to your Door

Omaha Steaks are flash frozen at the peak of freshness and delivered frozen direct to your door. Each cut of meat is frozen in vacuum-sealed plastic in individual portions and freezer-ready. No crowded grocery store, and no agonizing over the cuts of meat. We hand selected the best beef for our Butcher’s Share, and they are ready to go directly in your freezer. No prep, repackaging or refreezing necessary with our perfectly portioned beef cuts.

Always Have Quality Meat

As America’s Original Butcher, we know meat and provide the highest quality meat to our customers. Our beef is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, trimmed to perfection, and aged at least 21-days which ensures that every bite is tender and delicious.

Make Meal Planning Easy

With freezer packed with proteins, you will never run out of ideas for dinner. Steak dinner? Yes! A slow cooked roast? You got it. Ground beef tacos? Easy-peasy. With a selection of beef, you can add a variety of recipes to your meal plan. We have a variety of bulk protein packages to meet your unique needs.

Our individually packaged steaks, roasts, and burgers are perfect to feed households of any size. Just defrost the exact amount of meat you will need for the meal.

Steak is a great convenience food that should be a staple in every freezer. Steak can be cooked in under 10 minutes for a quick, protein-packed dinner solution. Check out our instructions for quickly thawing Omaha Steaks meat and how to cook steak indoors.

Free Freezer

When you order the Butcher’s Share and select payment in full you can choose a free freezer or a selection of other gifts with white glove delivery.  You will have everything you need for your Butcher’s Share.

What you Get in a Butcher’s Share

95 pounds of premium, aged beef, including:

  • Steaks – ribeye, boneless New York strip, top sirloin, filet mignon, T-bone, flat iron, bacon-wrapped bistro steaks, tri-tip, London broils, flank stank, and filet mignon pieces.
  • Burgers – Omaha Steaks signature burgers, briskets burgers, and ground beef sliders.
  • Roasts – eye of round, tri-tip, and chuck tender roasts.
  • Ground Beef
  • Bone-in beef short ribs

… all the best beef cuts from America’s Original Butcher.

Also available are the Private Reserve Butcher’s Share with 28-day aged beef hand-selected for exceptional quality and tenderness or The Butcher’s Assortment with a mixture of steak, seafood, and pork. All great options to keep your freezer full and your belly happy.

Make your life easier and meal planning a breeze with the Butcher’s Share. Ready to order? Order your Butcher’s Share Beef by The Quarter online or call a Customer Service specialist today.


The Best Bulk Meat Delivery from America’s Original Butcher

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The Best Bulk Meat Delivery from America’s Original Butcher