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Eat from Your Freezer Two-Week Meal Plan


Homemade, nutritious meals don’t have to be difficult. Stock your freezer and enjoy homestyle, mouthwatering meals with our easy, two-week meal plan. This plan is designed for any level of cooking skill with simple recipes, meal kits, and freezer-to-oven convenience. You can serve feel-good, hearty meals for your family with a little help from Omaha Steaks.

A stocked and ready freezer makes meal planning so much easier and convenient, especially for weeknight dinners. Omaha Steaks delivers flash-frozen world-class steaks and meat, easy-to-prepare meal solutions, and decadent desserts right to your front door. All backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Keeping a stocked freezer and feeding your family delicious meals has never been easier with our steak subscription plan. Gather around the dinner table and create treasured memories with your loved ones.

Two Week Freezer Meal Plan:

  1. Filet Mignon Steak Dinner
  2. Top Sirloin Steak Dinner
  3. Pork Chop Dinner
  4. Grilled Chicken
  5. Lobster Ravioli
  6. Faroe Island Salmon
  7. Chicken Fried Steak Dinner
  8. Shrimp Scampi Skillet Meal
  9. Steak Frites
  10. Bacon Wrapped Filet Dinner
  11. Tempura Orange Chicken
  12. Beef Pot Roast
  13. Baked Chicken and Dumplings
  14. Meat Lover’s Lasagna

Filet Mignon Steak Dinner

You can never go wrong with a steak dinner. Enjoy the most tender steak available – filet mignon. Cooking it is simple. You can cook steak indoorson the grill, or using the sous vide method. Our vacuum-sealed packaging is certified SAFE for use in sous vide, so you can place your steak directly in the immersion cooker. Use our steak doneness guide and cooking chart for a juicy, mouthwatering steak every time.

Top Sirloin Steak Dinner

Top sirloin is a lean, thick cut of steak with bold, beefy flavor. It’s affordable and lean enough to serve any night of the week, making it a grilling favorite. View our top sirloin butcher’s guide for cooking tips or try Chef Rose’s sweet soy top sirloin recipe.

Pork Chops

Our center-cut  are incredibly versatile – perfect for your favorite recipes, like hot honey pork chops or pork Milanese, or served on their own. You can grill, bake, broil, pan-fry, air-fry. Just make sure not to overcook your pork chop with a little guidance from the experts.

Grilled Chicken

Simple grilled chicken is a staple for any meal plan. It’s easy, lean, and tastes delicious. Grill a juicy chicken breast every time –  just read our 5 biggest grilled chicken mistakes and how to avoid them. Or try our creamy chicken, green beans, and potato skillet recipe for a hearty comfort food family meal.

Lobster Ravioli

Savor an elegant made-from-scratch pasta that’s stuffed with succulent, cold-water lobster, and a blend of four cheeses. It’s then tossed with a white wine and butter sauce to create a decadent meal for any night of the week. Lobster Ravioli is freezer-to-skillet easy to prepare.

Salmon Fillets

Faroe Island Salmon is an excellent source of protein and nutrients. Sustainably farmed, Faroe Island Salmon Fillets have a rich, robust flavor and a bright crimson-orange color. Salmon is also easy to cook – just follow our guides on how to bakepan-fry, air fry or grill salmon. Serve with  a grilled pineapple and chipotle salsa or lemon caper beurre blanc seafood sauce for a decadent seafood dinner.

Chicken Fried Steak

Enjoy a comfort food classic – chicken fried steak, without all the work! Just bake and enjoy this aged top sirloin with a crispy, peppery coating. Here’s how incredibly easy it is to cook Omaha Steaks Chicken Fried Steak.

Shrimp Scampi

A classic, tried-and-true favorite, shrimp scampi is hard to beat. Turn your weeknight dinners into an Italian dream with our quick and easy Shrimp Scampi Skillet Meal that can be ready in 15 minutes. Feeling adventurous? Whip up our elegant shrimp scampi and broccolini recipe at-home for extremely satisfying flavor.

One-pan Steak Frites

One-pan steak frites, also known as ‘steak and fries’, is a classic dish that is made with your choice of steak and paired with Omaha Steakhouse® Fries or crispy garlic mashed potatoes. All cooked in one pan and ready in under 20 minutes.

Bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon

Who can resist bacon? And, when it’s wrapped on a decadent filet mignon, it’s completely irresistible. Treat yourself to a Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon dinner – simply pan-sear your steak for a steakhouse-style meal.

Tempura Orange Chicken

Enjoy Asian-style Tempura Orange Chicken in just 15 minutes or less. This chef-inspired meal features chicken breast with a light tempura coating and a tangy, citrus-infused sauce tossed with edamame, carrots, red peppers, water chestnuts, and fire-roasted onions. Serve over the included jasmine rice for a delicious family meal. Learn more about our gourmet skillet meals that go from freezer-to-table in 15 minutes or less.

Beef Pot Roast

Homemade taste with little time, effort, or slow cooker needed. Enjoy our Fully Cooked Beef Pot Roast bursting with delicious and tender flavors. Serve this roast with your favorite vegetable as a side dish and you will be set for a convenient and hearty dinner at-home.

Baked Chicken and Dumplings

Bring traditional comfort food to your kitchen with our gourmet Baked Chicken and Dumplings. No need to stress about any prep, just take it from the freezer to the oven and you’ll have a classic meal in no time.

Meat Lover’s Lasagna

Bring the flavors of your favorite Italian restaurant home with Omaha Steaks Meat Lover’s Lasagna. Made with ground beef and a five-cheese blend of mozzarella, parmesan, romano, Monterey Jack and ricotta in a hearty Bolognese-style sauce, this mouthwatering lasagna is ready in an hour.

Don’t Forget the Sides and Dessert!

You can skip the grocery store completely when you stock your freezer with Omaha Steaks easy-to-prepare vegetable side dishes and potato side dishes to complete your meal. Whatever you do, don’t skip the desserts. Enjoy a decadent, sweet treat any night of the week. And, you can even add exquisites wines to your Omaha Steaks order. All conveniently delivered right to your front door.

Eat from Your Freezer Two-Week Meal Plan

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