Smoking BBQ Tips from the Pros

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Dads everywhere know the siren call of a slowly smoked brisketpulled pork, or even steak. Smoking meats is serious business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it at home!

Believe it or not, smoking your own meat at home is simpler than you think. Just watch our video from Arena-Que, the 24th Annual State Barbeque Championship of Nebraska, which we sponsored back in August. There, we talked to award-winning smokers from all over the country, and they had some awesome tips and insights to share:

What’s the best cut of steak to smoke?

Unanimously, the pros said the mighty ribeye – for its fat content, marbling, and meaty flavor.

Nothing beats a good brisket.

Though brisket isn’t the easiest cut to cook, it might be the most rewarding! Many of the barbeque pros talked about the trial and error of getting their brisket just right.

The biggest challenge in smoking meat is…

Hitting your marks. When it comes to smoking, timing is everything, so vigilance is key.

Now the question is, when are you going to start smoking your barbeque?

Smoking BBQ Tips from the Pros

Meats for Your Smoker

For competition-worthy results, you have to start with the best raw meats. Omaha Steaks makes great results simple with premium raw beef and pork, a complete line of dry rubs, and ready-to-eat smoked specialties.

Smoking BBQ Tips from the Pros