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5 Epic Steaks You Need to Try


You want a steak that will impress. You want a steak you can savor. You want a steak that will make your taste buds sing. You don’t just want any steak. You want an EPIC STEAK. These are the cuts of steak that will leave you in awe and keep you craving for more.

These drool-worthy steaks also make great food gifts for Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or holidays. These five delicious steaks are designed to impress and are a must-try for any steak lover.

Private Reserve Wagyu New York Strip

5 Epic Steaks You Need to Try

Wagyu is the ultimate in luxury steak with rich flavor and fantastic marbling. Those beautiful white streaks of fat (marbling) occur naturally within the meat itself – adding flavor and richness as it melts into the beef while it cooks. Wagyu is the ultimate steakhouse steak found only in fine restaurants across the U.S. Our one-of-a-kind Wagyu is crossed with American Angus to combine the rich marbling with great depth of flavor. Aged 28 days for fork tender perfection, the Private Reserve Wagyu New York strip is an experience you won’t forget.

For a taste of luxury, Wagyu is a perfect choice.

Private Reserve Filet Mignon

5 Epic Steaks You Need to Try

Who can resist the most tender steak in the world? When you select the perfect filet mignon, choose our Private Reserve filet mignon for an unrivaled experience.  Our Private Reserve filet mignon is hand selected for quality by our most experienced butchers. It’s extra-aged – at least 28 days for maximum tenderness and extra-trimmed by our veteran butchers. This is the filet mignon you will be talking about for days.

Enjoy a steakhouse dinner at home with our tender Private Reserve filet mignon.

Butcher’s Cut Ribeye

5 Epic Steaks You Need to Try

Experience the first new steak cut in over 100 years. The master butchers at Omaha Steaks created a thicker cut ribeye from the heart of the rib primal. The additional trimming of the Butcher’s Cut ribeye allows more even cooking with all the rich marbling and flavor you love in a ribeye. If ribeye is your steak of choice, try the Omaha-Cut ribeye for an amazing steak dinner. The Butcher’s Cut ribeye is a one-of-a-kind steak experience, only available at Omaha Steaks.

If you love ribeye, the Butcher’s Cut ribeye is a must.

King Cut T-bone

5 Epic Steaks You Need to Try

When you really love steak, you need a giant steak. Our King Cut T-bone is 48 ounces of aged steak perfection. This steak is double the size of our biggest T-bone with New York Strip on one side and filet mignon on the other side. It’s exclusive to Omaha Steaks and can feed a family or a very hungry steak lover. King Cut T-bone is more to grill. More to eat. More, more, more. This giant steak is truly epic!

When you want a big steak, only a King Cut steak will satisfy.

Private Reserve Ribeye Crown Steaks

5 Epic Steaks You Need to Try

The ribeye crown steak is a favorite among steak enthusiasts. The ribeye crown steak is cut from the cap of the ribeye, the richest, butteriest portion of the ribeye. The intense marbling creates a deep ribeye flavor that will make any steak lover happy. Enjoy a steak experience that will leave your taste buds happy for days with Private Reserve ribeye crown steaks.

If you are a steak enthusiast, you will love the Private Reserve ribeye crown steak.

Why Omaha Steaks?

Omaha Steaks has delivered trusted quality since 1917.

  • All steaks are aged at least 28 days for maximum tenderness
  • Flash-frozen and individually sealed for perfection
  • Six-generation family owned company
  • 100% guaranteed to satisfy
  • Delivered to your door
  • Over 100 years of butcher experience as America’s Original Butcher

Try one of these 5 epic steak cuts, available at Omaha Steaks, for a unique and delicious steak experience. They make epic steak gifts for holidays and special occasions too!

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