What Makes a Great Steak?

  • by Chef Brandon Boudet
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You know the steak we’re talking about. The kind that melts in your mouth and is so fork-tender, a plastic butter knife will do. The kind that makes you a little teary-eyed with the last bite.

Yeah, that kind.

But how can you spot one of these great-tasting steaks without even cooking or tasting it? There are some visual and non-visual cues to be aware of when determining whether your steak is going to taste good, or taste so great that the flavor explosion you’ve experienced has launched you into steak heaven.

The infographic below highlights some of the more notable features of a great steak. Keep in mind that even a great looking steak won’t taste quite as good as it looks if it isn’t cooked properly. Below, you’ll find a video on how to grill Filet Mignons as well as a list of 7 easy steps to help you grill the perfect steak.

What Makes a Great Steak

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