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How to Cook Shrimp in the Air Fryer


Get ready for perfectly cooked, delicious shrimp ready in under 10 minutes. Cooking shrimp in the air fryer is easy and ideal for a quick, high-protein meal any night of the week. Add these delectable shrimp to your next stir-fry, pasta dish, or as a topper for salads or grits.

How to Cook Shrimp in the Air Fryer

Follow our steps for the best air fried shrimp. Our Wild Argentinian Red Shrimp present a texture and taste more like sweet, succulent lobster.

1. Thaw Shrimp Completely

Our shrimp is frozen fresh day of catch after being peeled and deveined and are ready to cook after defrosting. You can thaw shrimp one of two ways. Place in the refrigerator overnight or for a quick thaw simply place sealed shrimp in cold water for 30 minutes or until fully defrosted.

2. Preheat Air Fryer to 400°F

The air fryer cooking temperature for shrimp is 400°F. Preheat your air fryer while you prepare your shrimp.

3. Season Shrimp

How to Cook Shrimp in the Air Fryer

Once shrimp are thawed, pat dry and lightly oil. Season with a dash of salt, pepper, and the seasoning of your choice. Try our Seafood Rub with Citrus and Herb.

4. Place in Single Layer on Air Fryer Rack


How to Cook Shrimp in the Air Fryer

5. Cook 4 Minutes or Until Opaque

Our Wild Argentinian Red Shrimp only require 4 minutes in the air fryer and will turn opaque when fully cooked.

How Do I Know When Air Fried Shrimp is Done?

Depending on your air fryer, cooking times may vary. Shrimp are done when they reach a minimum internal temperature of 140°F.

How to Cook Shrimp in the Air Fryer

6. Rest and Serve!

Rest shrimp 2-3 minutes before serving. Enjoy air fried shrimp on their own or serve with your favorite steak for an incredible steakhouse-style meal. Try adding this lean, low-fat protein to tostadas, fajitas, pasta, or as a topping for salads or Southern-style shrimp and grits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Frying Shrimp:

Can I use these instructions for all shrimp varieties?

No. There are different varieties of shrimp and the most accurate method to determine doneness is to measure the internal temperature. Know your shrimp before cooking for the best results.

Can I air fry beer battered or coconut shrimp?

Yes. Our Redhook® Ale Beer-Battered Shrimp and Coconut Shrimp are excellent with a perfect crispy texture when cooked in the air fryer and can be cooked from frozen. Follow these air fryer instructions to cook these Omaha Steaks favorites and more.

Can I add my own batter to the shrimp before air frying?

You can batter your shrimp before air frying if desired. Dip your shrimp in an egg wash and coat thoroughly with seasoned breadcrumbs, then air fry.


Air Fryer Shrimp

How to cook Wild Argentinian Red Shrimp in your air fryer
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time4 mins
Total Time9 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Air Fryer Shrimp
Servings: 4 servings
Author: Omaha Steaks


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  • Thaw shrimp in refrigerator overnight or use quick thaw method (thaw in bowl of water in packaging or sealed plastic bag for 30 minutes or until shrimp is thawed).
  • Preheat air fryer to 400°F.
  • Remove shrimp from packaging and pat dry. Lightly oil and season liberally.
  • Place shrimp on air fryer rack or in basket leaving 1 inch between portions.
  • Cook 4 minutes or until opaque.
  • Remove from air fryer, let rest 2-3 minutes and serve.

Other Ways to Cook Shrimp

Shrimp is a versatile protein you can cook in many different ways. Here are some other ways to cook shrimp like a chef.

How to Cook Shrimp in the Air Fryer


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