Father’s Day Gift Guide for Steak Lovers

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Searching for the perfect gift for dad for Father’s Day? Look no further. The secret is out – Dads want steak! It’s as simple as that.

Give dad what he really wants this year with our gift guide for our steak loving dads. Here are five Father’s Day gift ideas that will give dad the steak he’s craving.

The Ultimate Gift Package 

How much do you love dad? Gift the Filet for Father’s Day package and stock his freezer with premium Omaha Steaks meatsThis bulk package includes everything he will need to get his grill on: Butcher’s Cut filet mignon, juicy brisket burgers, and gourmet jumbo franks. It even comes with a classic side dish, potatoes au gratin, and decadent individual New York cheesecake for a complete steakhouse-style dinner for dad. That’s a Father’s Day win!  

Father’s Day is simple – gift a Father’s Day gift package

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Steak Lovers

Build Your Own Father’s Day Gift Package 

Dad will love this gourmet package with all his favorite aged steaks and grilling goodies.  This package is 100% meat and perfect for the grill-loving dad to share with his family. You select the gifts your dad will love and fill a cooler with his favorite steak, chicken, burgers and pork. Don’t be surprised if dad doesn’t want to share his steak, it’s that good. 

For the grill-obsessed dad – build the perfect gift!  

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Steak Lovers

Gift a Steakhouse Classic – Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignon 

Dad deserves the best! Give him the ultimate filet mignon – our signature butcher’s cut filet mignon. This steak cut is a butcher and customer favorite with a double-trim to remove exterior fat, creating a steakhouse-style experience. Aged 21 days for maximum tenderness, this is the juicy, tender steak dad will love.  

Give dad what he wants – filet mignon

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Steak Lovers

Gift the King of Steak – Ribeye 

Father’s Day is about treating dad like a king, so it’s only appropriate to give him the KING of steak – the ribeye. This cut has intense marbling that melts into the steak as it cooks for a juicy, flavorful steak that will delight any dad. Carved from the heart of the rib, this steak has a rich beef flavor and can be grilled, pan-seared or roasted. Gift the traditional ribeye or the decadent ribeye crown, the coveted cap of the ribeye. When you gift dad a ribeye, you will win Father’s Day.  

For a dad who really loves his steak, give him the king of steak.  

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Steak Lovers

Omaha Steaks E-Gift Cards  

Not sure which steak dads wants more or need a last-minute gift idea? Give dad an e-gift card and let him pick the steak he wants. Omaha Steaks electronic gift cards are emailed directly to your gift recipient and can be used immediately. He can use his gift card, which never expires, online or at retail stores to pick the steak cuts he wants anytime. 

Give dad the steak he wants with the Father’s Day E-Gift Card

Why Omaha Steaks for Father’s Day Gifting?  

It’s proven that dads love steak with 45% of Americans planning to grill on Father’s Day and 26% of dads who want to be spoiled with good food (according to a 2019 study from Statista.) Omaha Steaks, America’s Original Butcher, has over 100 years of butcher experience and provides high-quality delicious steak to treat dad this Father’s Day. All our products are flash-frozen, individually sealed, and delivered right to your dad’s door. There aren’t many guarantees in life, but Omaha Steaks products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We guarantee dad will love his steak this Father’s Day. 

Be dad’s favorite this Father’s Day and give him what he really wants – STEAK!  

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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Steak Lovers

Father's Day Gifts

DADS WANT STEAKS! It’s as simple as that. Omaha Steaks Father’s Day gift packages deliver rich, juicy ribeyes, tender filet mignons, sides, desserts and more with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.