Easter Dinner Made Easy

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Plated Easter dinner with ham, tri-color potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts
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Easter is a time to celebrate with family and friends and our time to re-connect after the busy holiday season.  You can enjoy a delicious Easter feast that tastes homemade without spending all day in the kitchen. Less time in the kitchen means more time with family to celebrate.

Check out our simple Easter dinner ideas for an amazing dinner that your guests will love this holiday. We have simple and convenient meats, side dishes, and desserts that will wow your friends and family and gift you more time with family and friends. Let Omaha Steaks help you serve a crowd at your holiday celebration without all the work.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make a memorable and amazing Easter meal without all the work.

Your Easter Centerpiece

The most important element of your holiday feast is your protein. Select a high-quality meat that is delicious and will make a great impression at the family dinner table.

Fully Cooked Ham

Select a ham that is fully cooked, so you can just heat & serve for your Easter meal. As America’s Original Butcher, Omaha Steaks offers three delicious flavors and sizes of ham. Select sweet, savory or smoky ham for your Easter dinner. View our ham guide now to discover the perfect ham for your family.

Fully Cooked Ham Selections:

Chateaubriand Roast

Chateaubriand is the roast-size filet mignon cut from the tenderloin and is an impressive holiday centerpiece for Easter dinner. Use our easy cooking instructions and butcher’s butter recipe for a delicious Easter meal.

Easter Dinner Made Easy


For a traditional Easter dinner, the rich flavors of lamb are true perfection. Our New Zealand lamb has a meaty, complex-yet-familiar flavor that is the hallmark of a perfect lamb. Try our flavorful recipe for herb rubbed boneless leg of lamb for a feast that will delight.

Lamb Suggestions:

Easter Dinner Made Easy

Heat & Serve Veggies

No more cutting and chopping vegetables all day for your side dishes. Omaha Steaks side dishes are perfectly seasoned and delicious. Just cook from frozen using our simple cooking instructions.

Our Easter vegetable recommendations: 

Easter Dinner Made Easy

Ready to Bake Potatoes

One of the best Easter dinner hacks is our ready to bake potato side dishes. We’ve done all the potato peeling, seasoning, and preparation for you. Just heat and serve for a potato side dish that pairs perfectly with your Easter meal.

Our favorite potato dishes for Easter:

Easter Dinner Made Easy

Thaw & Serve Dessert

You can’t forget the dessert. No need to stay up all the night the day before Easter baking when you can enjoy a restaurant-worthy dessert without any of the work.

Perfect Easter Desserts:

Easter Dinner Made Easy

Build Your Own Easter Meal Combo

Save on all your Easter dinner essentials and get exactly what you want with our build your own meal offer. You pick your entree, sides, and desserts for an entire Easter meal. Shop for your Easter dinner now.

Gift yourself time this Easter and enjoy our high-quality, easy-to-prepare meats, sides, and desserts.  Happy Easter!

Easter Dinner Made Easy

Easter Dinner

Let Omaha Steaks chefs do most of the work this Easter, and you can spend more time hunting eggs and spending time together!