Season Your Steaks with Style

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• T-Bone Steaks #1631 (2/18oz)
• Porterhouse Steaks #1640 (2/24oz)
• Bone-In Ribeye Steaks #494 (4/16oz)
• Bone-In Strip Loin Steaks #340 (4/14oz)

Great Ways to Savor the Flavor
• Seasonings - Omaha Steaks All Natural Seasoning #1141
• Rubs - Omaha Steaks Gourmet Southwest Chipotle Rub & Seasoning #1670
• Marinades - Herb and Merlot Marinade (Available only at Omaha Steaks Stores)
• Sauces - Gourmet Steak & Chop Sauce #1739

Seasonings - Seasonings are generally used to bring out the natural flavor of the steak. It is best to apply seasoning to steaks before cooking. Seasonings should be sprinkled on both sides of the steak lightly. Omaha Steaks has several great seasoning blends including the All Natural Seasoning #1141.

Rubs - Rubs are generally used to add flavors and surface texture to steaks. Rubs are usually coarser than seasonings and are applied much more liberally. For best results, brush the steak with cooking oil before adding the rub. Spread out some of the rub on a clean plate and place the steak on the plate. Coat both sides of the steak with the rub by gently pressing the steak on the plate. Grill, broil or pan sear the steak to the desired doneness. Omaha Steaks has several great rubs including the Gourmet Southwest Chipotle Rub & Seasoning #1670 and Gourmet Salt-Free Rub and Seasoning #1672.

Marinades - Marinades are used to add flavor to steaks as well as to tenderize. Marinades typically contain an acidic ingredient, which tenderizes tough cuts of meat. However, Omaha Steaks are naturally tender, therefore marinating only takes one hour or less. Vinaigrette salad dressings are an easy, instant marinade or there are many different marinades available. For easy cleanup, marinate steaks in large zip-closure seal plastic bags with ½ cup of marinade for each steak. Put the bag in the refrigerator and flip after a half hour to insure the steaks marinate evenly. Do not over marinate as this can lead to a mushy texture. Discard used marinade. Grill, broil or pan sear the steak to the desired doneness and place in a clean pan. Pour about a ¼ cup of the never used marinade over each steak and tent foil over the pan for about 10 minutes turning the steaks half way through. The hot steaks will draw in the marinade and the flavor. Serve the steaks.

Sauces - Sauces are generally served on cooked steaks or on the side of cooked steaks to enhance & bring out flavors. There are many different sauces that go well with steaks, including these from Omaha Steaks -- Gourmet Steak & Chop Sauce #1739, Mushroom Demi-Glace #1680, Seasoned Butter Sauce #795, Gourmet Horseradish Sauce #1755 and Smoky Mustard Sauce #5409.

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