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How to Season Your Steaks with Style

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Seasonings are generally used to bring out the natural flavor of the steak. It's best to apply seasoning to steaks before cooking. Pat the steak dry and season 30 - 45 minutes before cooking. This is ideal as it will help the meat brown, adding flavor and texture to the crust. Seasonings should be lightly sprinkled on both sides of the steak. If the steak you're cooking is thicker than one inch, you might want to consider seasoning the sides, as well. Omaha Steaks has several great seasoning blends available, including our all-purpose Signature Seasoning #1141.

Rubs -
Rubs are generally used to add flavor and surface texture to steaks. Rubs are generally coarser than seasonings, and they're great for adding texture to the meat - especially with shorter cook times for smaller steaks. Keep in mind your cooking method when selecting a rub or seasoning because the coarse particulates of a rub may burn when exposed to high heat. Omaha Steaks has several great rubs available, including our Private Reserve Rub #2650.

Marinades -
Marinades are typically used to impart flavor and to tenderize tough cuts of meat. However, Omaha Steaks are naturally tender, therefore marinating only takes one hour or less to boost the natural flavor. You should marinate steaks in large plastic bags with ¼ cup of marinade for each steak. Put the bag in the refrigerator and flip after 30 minutes to ensure the steaks marinate evenly. Do not over-marinate, as this can lead to an undesirable texture. Discard any used marinade that remains in the bag. Grill, broil or pan sear your steak to the desired doneness using the Omaha Steaks Cooking Chart.

Sauces -
Sauces are generally served with cooked steaks on the side to enhance and bring out the steaks' natural beef flavor. We like to complement our steaks with our signature Steak Sauce #2270.

Some of Our Favorite Omaha Steaks Season Pairings

Butcher's Cut Filet Mignons (4/6 oz.) #3141 with Omaha Steaks Signature Seasoning #1141

Butcher's Cut Top Sirloins (4/6 oz.) #3254 with Steakhouse-Style Salt and Pepper Seasoning #3163

Ribeye Steaks (4/10 oz.) #497 with Gourmet Horseradish Sauce #1755

Strip Steaks (4/10 oz.) #593 with Steak Sauce #2270

Private Reserve Ribeye Crown Steaks (4/7 oz.) #3343 with Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Rub #2650
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