Steakology 101: Ribeye

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Steakology 101: Ribeye
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Call it the Spencer or Beauty Steak, the Market Steak or Scotch Fillet — a Ribeye by any other name tastes just as delicious. Learn why (aka the Ribeye basics) right here.


Marvelous Marbling

Steak-lovers revere the Ribeye. Why? It starts with marbling. Ask any beef connoisseur and they’ll tell you: Dense marbling is the secret to a perfectly juicy, bold steak flavor. And Omaha Steaks Ribeyes offer some of the densest, most consistent marbling available anywhere.


Bone-In or Boneless

Ribeyes originate from the Rib primal section, though they’re actually cut from the eye of the subprimal section called the Prime Rib. Hence the name Ribeye.

When we think Ribeye, we tend to envision a boneless rectangular, oval, or crescent-shaped cut. That’s accurate, but for the most spirited steak aficionados, bone-in is the only way to go.

Our Private Reserve Bone-in Ribeye Cowboy Steaks give you a truly supreme Ribeye experience. Leaving in the bone amplifies this cut’s already bold flavor, immense juiciness, and visual appeal.


Naturally Bold, Boldly Versatile

Boldness is one of the Ribeye’s greatest virtues. And that very virtue lends this cut its unique versatility. Sauces, tapenades, salsas — you name it. Toppings of all kinds complement the Ribeye without masking the steak’s natural savory flavor. This makes them a chef’s favorite.

So go forth, experiment with exciting Ribeye recipes — or keep it classic. Either way, know that when you sit down to devour a delicious Ribeye, you’re enjoying one of the greatest, most versatile cuts of meat you could ever hope to prepare.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated for freshness and comprehensiveness.


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Learn why ribeye steak is a chef's favorite with its bold, beefy flavor and fantastic marbling. We share our favorite ribeye toppings and sauce and settle the debate between bone-in or boneless ribeyes. #ribeyesteak #howtocookaribeye #ribeyerecipes