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How To: Holiday Prime Rib Roast

The holidays are right around the corner - are you thinking about what to serve at your holiday table yet? For Thanksgiving, we, of course, always have a turkey but we also serve a non-turkey option and the kids (and my father) want something else other than ham. Are...

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5 Do-Ahead Tips to Make Preparing Holiday Dinner a Breeze

A houseful of holiday guests is a blessing, but it can also be a struggle - how do you get dinner ready without getting stuck in the kitchen? Proper preparation will allow you to create a delightful meal without missing out on making holiday memories with friends and...

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How to Prepare for Large Holiday Gatherings

A question that I am often asked at this time of the year is how to prepare a holiday meal for a large gathering of people? Back in my hotel and restaurant days I often would do 400+ person dinners on Thanksgiving Day, but that was in a professional kitchen with a...

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