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Easy & Delicious Side Dishes for Your Holiday Meal


The star of any holiday meal is the meat (who can resist a Spiral Sliced Ham or Prime Rib Roast,) but we can’t forget about the holiday side dishes. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and hearty rolls are a must for any holiday meal. We’re sharing our favorite side dishes for your Thanksgiving, Christmas, and holiday meals.

Instead of spending all day in the kitchen cutting, prepping, and chopping sides for your meal, try Omaha Steaks side dishes. Our gourmet side dishes are heat-and-serve simple and complete any holiday meal. No long hours in the kitchen or early mornings to prepare the food. Do yourself a favor and build your own holiday combo with ham, turkey, chateaubriand or prime rib AND all the side dishes and desserts to serve your guests. All conveniently delivered right to your door. Now that’s a delicious and no-stress holiday dinner!

Potato & Sweet Potato Side Dishes

There are several delicious potato options that are easy to prepare. Pick one or two of your family’s favorite potato side dishes for your holiday meal.

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

Each baked potato is filled with whipped potatoes, real sour cream, perfectly aged cheddar cheese, bacon bits and chives. Just heat and serve.

Individual Scalloped Potatoes

Prepared in the traditional French style with layers of potatoes, rich French cream, milk, eggs, garlic, and a touch of cheese. Each individual serving is handmade to look and taste homemade without all the effort. Just take them from the freezer, bake, serve, and enjoy!

Family-Size Smashed Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are mashed to a hearty, chunky texture with their delicious and nutritious skins and mixed with sour cream, butter, half & half, garlic, salt, and a touch of rosemary. Just heat and serve!

Family-Size Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes with brown sugar, butter and whole milk for a tasty side dish that is sure to become one of your family favorites.

Potatoes au Gratin

Creamy shredded potatoes in a light breading pre-browned to a delicate golden brown. Just bake, serve and enjoy!

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Bring back the home-cooked flavor and hand mashed texture Mom used to serve as the family gathered around the dinner table. Real Russet potatoes, butter and sour cream enhanced with chopped roasted garlic and pepper. Heat and serve.

Vegetable Side Dishes

Even though the kids may not agree, a delicious vegetable is must-have side dish for your holiday meal. You can serve classic holiday side dishes, like green bean casserole, or try something new, like Asparagus spears with Hollandaise sauce. Whatever you select, your family will enjoy these delicious vegetable side dishes and you will love how easy they are to prepare.

Green Bean Casserole

French-fried onions, mushrooms, milk, and butter has an incredible homemade taste. Just like your family’s traditional green bean casserole. This is a must-have side dish for the holidays.

Green Beans in Butter Sauce

Crisp whole green beans with snappy red peppers and onions in a light blend of olive oil and butter are a classic side dish that goes with everything!

Steakhouse Creamed Corn

Buttery, super-sweet corn in a perfectly seasoned, creamy Parmesan cheese sauce. Enjoy delicious homemade taste without all the work. Easy freezer-to-oven preparation.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon & Shallots

This amazing side dish of brussels sprouts, chunks of smoky pork bacon and perfectly sautéed shallots that bake to perfection. These brussels sprouts are a delicious treat for your holiday dinner.

Don’t Forget the Bread!

No holiday meal is complete without a loaf of bread or rolls. Instead of basic dinner rolls, upgrade your plate with our individ garlic baguettes. Your guests won’t even know it’s not homemade.

Individual Baguettes with Garlic Butter

These lovingly crafted garlic baguettes offer the classic combination of crispy, fluffy French bread and creamy, sweet and mellow garlic butter, generously spread so you get just the right amount of rich flavor in every bite. Bakery fresh in under 15 minutes.

Do yourself a favor this holiday season and gift yourself more time with friends and family. Order Omaha Steaks Holiday Meals with a show-stopping centerpiece, delicious side dishes, and decadent desserts for a perfect, stress-free holiday meal. And don’t forget to send everyone on your shopping list steak gift boxes for Christmas.

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Easy & Delicious Side Dishes for Your Holiday Meal

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