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Holiday Prime Rib Roast 3 Ways


Prime rib is a holiday favorite: a big, beautiful piece of beef as the centerpiece of your table. You want to serve a jaw dropping, inspiring roast, but the task may seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, in additon to helping you wint the gift giving season with great meat gifts for Christmas, we’re also here to help you be the host with the roast. Try these three unique prime rib roast recipes featuring three different cooking methods: traditionally roasted, reverse seared, and smoked to wow your friends and family with a juicy, tender, perfectly cooked prime rib this holiday season.

What is Prime Rib?

Prime rib roasts are cut from the rib primal and have the same rich, buttery flavor you love in a ribeye steaks (they come from the same place). This roast is well-marbled and the fat melts into the roast as it cooks, leaving you with a flavorful, tender beef roast. All Omaha Steaks beef is hand-selected for the highest quality by master butchers and aged 28+ days for maximum tenderness.

Prime rib roast can be bone-in or boneless. Bone-in cuts insulate the beef through cooking resulting in a juicier, more robust flavor. Any prime rib roast and cooking method you select will be a delicious masterpiece at your dinner table.

Prime Rib Roast Recipes

1. Whiskey Marinated Prime Rib

Holiday Prime Rib Roast 3 Ways

A delicious prime rib roast couldn’t be easier with this 4-ingredient recipe. The combination of alcohol and baking soda in this marinade will break down the proteins in the meat, resulting in an incredibly tender and juicy roast. The prime rib is then roasted in the oven to a perfect doneness for a holiday centerpiece that will be the highlight of the meal.

Get the recipe: Whiskey Marinated Prime Rib

2. Reverse Sear Prime Rib Roast with Figgy Jam

Holiday Prime Rib Roast 3 Ways

The Reverse Searing Method results in a stunning, well-browned holiday roast with an evenly cooked interior that’s tender and flavorful. With this method, you roast the prime rib low and slow and sear at the end of the cook in a broiler, grill or a hot pan to create a delicious crust. Top the prime rib roast with figgy onion jam for a festive and scrumptious holiday meal.

Get the Recipe: Reverse-sear Prime Rib Roast with Figgy Onion Jam

3. Smoked Prime Rib


Holiday Prime Rib Roast 3 Ways

Add incredible flavor to your prime rib by smoking it low and slow on your outdoor smoker or grill. Make sure to smoke with the fat cap facing up to allow it to melt into the meat as it cooks. This will add juiciness and a mellow beef flavor to your roast.

Get the recipe: How to Smoke a Prime Rib

Chef’s Tip: No matter what method you choose to cook your prime rib, don’t forget to let it rest 15-20 minutes after cooking to allow the juices to redistribute for the tenderest, juiciest roast possible. Slice and enjoy!

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Holiday Prime Rib Roast 3 Ways

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