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Make the Perfect Cheeseburger with Our Burger & Cheese Pairing Guide


Cheese and burgers… the perfect pairing, and an iconic American food. Standard ground beef burgers + yellow American cheese are the classics… a staple at barbeques, tailgates, and company picnics across the country. But a burger isn’t just a burger, and cheese isn’t just cheese… how do you pick the BEST patty and the best cheese to create a truly better burger?


First, think about the beef. With Omaha Steaks – America’s Original Butcher – you’re looking at way more than standard ground beef. Grill Omaha Steaks burgers and choose from butcher-crafted beef blends made with aged beef and made with premium cuts real steak. Each burger (the Filet Mignon burger, Private Reserve Angus Burger, a Grass-Fed Burger, Brisket Burger, and Delmonico (Ribeye) Burger) has a distinct flavor and texture, and so it has an ideal cheese pairing, too. Impress your guests when pair your favorite gourmet burger with the best cheese for the ultimate cheeseburger!


Ultimate Burger & Cheese Pairing Guide

Omaha Steaks Burger + American Cheese

There is nothing more traditional or burger Americana than this pairing. Replace it with any other cheese and it’s just not the same. Omaha Steaks burgers are made with aged Omaha Steaks juicy beef and pair perfectly with American cheese.


Private Reserve Angus Burgers + Blue-Humboldt Fog Cheese

Private Reserve Angus Burgers are made with beef extra-aged at least 28 days for even more tenderness with a bold flavor. This pairs perfectly with the soft acids of blue cheese. If you really want a home run a, goat cheese blue like Humboldt Fog really goes great.


Filet Mignon Burgers + Havarti

For a one-of-a-kind gourmet burger, try the filet mignon burger, made from 100% Omaha Steaks filet mignon and unparalleled in juiciness. Havarti cheese’s buttery, creamy, and very mild flavor pair well just like the filet used to make this iconic Filet Mignon Burger. Get creative and grab a flavored Havarti as well, it will only add to the creativity on the burger build.


Delmonico Burgers + Smoked Provolone

The Delmonico Burger is made with premium ribeye (yes, the real thing) and Provolone adds a subtle saltiness and creamy note to the rich juicy burger. Smoked provolone just makes it that much meatier in taste. It’s an amazing pairing.


Brisket Burgers + Aged Cheddar

Made from 100% beef brisket, the Omaha Steaks brisket burger has a bold and inviting flavor. Aged cheddar adds the perfect bite to cut through the richness and back bone and compliments the upfront beefiness


Grass-Fed Ground Beef Burgers + Double Cream Gouda

Gouda is a great melting cheese with complimentary flavors that elevate the grass-fed experience of our grass-fed ground beef burgers.


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What’s your favorite cheese and burger pairing?

Make the Perfect Cheeseburger with Our Burger & Cheese Pairing Guide

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Make the Perfect Cheeseburger with Our Burger & Cheese Pairing Guide

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