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A Fish for Every Friday: 7 Easy-to-Prepare Dishes During Lent


Need a quick and delicious meal for those busy Fridays during Lent? You’re in luck! Omaha Steaks is your one-stop shop for easy-to-prepare seafood entrées that require no prep – just cook and serve. Here are seven of our favorite Lent-approved options that are far from your basic fish fry.

1. Lemon Dill Salmon Fillets

Refreshingly light, with a pre-marinated blend of lemon, dill, and spices these Lemon Dill Salmon Fillets are both good and good for you! Rich in protein and omega-3s, our salmon is responsibly sourced and comes to you individually sealed for freshness. You can even cook these fillets in the oven, microwave, or air fryer without having to thaw before-hand. Dinner made simple!

2. Pub-Style Cod

Omaha Steaks has you covered with time to spare thanks to our crispy and flavorful Pub-Style Cod. From your freezer, place in your oven or air fryer, and in less than 20 minutes, you’re set! Quick, easy, and packed with flavor, this pub-style cod is a guaranteed family favorite.

3. Sole Almondine

Sole Almondine, is premium boneless sole coated in bread crumbs and crunchy sliced almonds for a light and elegant meal. But elegant doesn’t have to mean complicated. These flaky and irresistible fillets can be prepared in a snap thanks to their freezer-to-oven convenience. Simply bake uncovered for 14-16 minutes and you’re set for a fast Friday meal.

4. Lobster Mac & Cheese

Super-rich and freezer-to-oven easy, this Omaha Steaks Lobster Mac & Cheese is effortless and delicious. Made with jumbo pieces of sweet, succulent lobster and cavatappi pasta, this mac & cheese is perfectly cheesy and completely addictive. Perfect as a main course or a side dish, it goes from your freezer to your oven to your table in less than an hour. Feeling like going the extra home-made mile? Try crafting up our jaw-dropping Lobster Mac & Cheese recipe from scratch.

5. Skillet Meal: Shrimp Scampi

An undeniable Italian fan favorite in less than 15 minutes? Count us in! Our exclusive Shrimp Scampi Skillet Meal is an all-in-one dinner with sweet, succulent shrimp and a beautifully crafted sauce on a bed of cooked linguine. Serving 2-3 people, our chef-inspired skillet meal puts dinner on the table in 15 minutes or less.

6. Split Lobster Tail Skewers

Split and skewered for easy shell removal and easy eating, our Lobster Tail Skewers bring a decadent and buttery taste to the table. Easy to prepare on the grill or under the broilers, these Split Lobster Tail Skewers are just what you need to upgrade your Friday night at-home.

7. Coconut Shrimp

A very popular restaurant dish that can now be enjoyed at home, our Coconut Shrimp are peeled, deveined, and coated with the perfect amount of sweet coconut breading. Cooked to perfection in the air fryer, and served on a bed of greens, with a dipping sauce, or just on their own, these shrimp are a delicious option for an easy-to-prepare dinner in a pinch.

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Editor’s Note: This post was updated in March, 2022 for freshness and comprehensiveness.

A Fish for Every Friday: 7 Easy-to-Prepare Dishes During Lent


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