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Lean Protein Guide – The Best High-Protein Meats


This lean protein guide is a great resource for eating a protein-rich diet. Whether you are Paleo, Keto, training or counting macros, this lean protein guide and tips will help you reach your high-protein nutrition goals.

Tips for a High-Protein Diet

Portion control

Omaha Steaks is perfect for a lean protein diet with our individually portioned sizes. No more guessing a serving size for your protein needs, we’ve done the hard work for you. Each of our meat products is flash frozen and sealed in perfect portions, so you get the exact amount of protein you want at each meal.

Easy Meal Planning

Make meal planning easy with a freezer full of lean protein. With individually frozen portions, you can easily meal plan for the week. Just defrost and cook. If you forget to defrost the night before, no worries, because you can use this quick thaw method.   Steak is the ultimate in convenience food, with just 15 minutes to prepare using an indoor cooking method or on the grill. Top sirloin, flat iron or tri-tip steak are great, easy-to-prepare lean proteins for busy lives.

Delivered to Your Door Convenience

Stock your freezer with lean protein with a just a few clicks. We have lean protein packages that will keep you on track with your nutritional goals. Best of all, it’s conveniently delivered right to your door.

Select the Perfect Lean Proteins

Whatever your nutrition needs, we have you covered with our lean protein guide. We’ve included portion sizes, protein amount, and total fat in each serving so you can select the perfect proteins.

Omaha Steaks Lean Protein Guide




Beef is a fantastic source of protein (and naturally gluten-free). This chart from Beef It’s What’s For Dinner demonstrates the high protein content of beef compared to other foods. This what 25 g of protein looks like:

lean protein guide infographic - what 25 g of protein looks like

When it comes to lean protein, meat packs a powerful protein punch. Try our lean proteins today.

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Lean Protein Guide – The Best High-Protein Meats

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