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Fish Facts: How to Choose Fish



Taste isn’t universal. Our preferences make us unique, but they can also prevent us from branching out and trying new things, especially when it comes to seafood. Unless you were lucky enough to grow up along the coast in what is sometimes referred to as a “seafood town,” then you may struggle to define exactly which types of fish you prefer. Don’t worry –  Omaha Steaks is here to help.

Stocking your freezer with premium seafood that’s ready when you are is as simple as placing an online order or popping over to your local Omaha Steaks store, where you’ll find many of our most popular items in stock. But if you’re new to seafood, how can you even begin to know halibut from haddock, snapper from swordfish, tuna from trout, etc?

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Fish Facts

We created Fish Facts with you in mind. Below you’ll find a handy comparison chart of our most common, most popular fish fillets. These fillets run the gamut: their flavor, from mild and slightly sweet, to rich and mouthwateringly savory; their textures, from delicate and flaky, to robust and steaky.

Whether you know it yet, a fish fillet that’s perfect for your palate does indeed exist. And because Omaha Steaks fish fillets are responsibly sourced and guaranteed to be the highest possible quality, you’re safe to experiment and experience varieties of fish you’d be wary to try from other sources. These fillets are the best there is, and with Fish Facts, it’s easy to find exactly what you crave.


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