Frozen is Fresh: Why Omaha Steaks Beef is Better

We talk a lot about flash freezing our steaks, but does it actually help us deliver a fresher, better-tasting cut of meat to your door? There's no way to be modest here… Yes. Here's how: Less breakdown As meat freezes, the water content turns to ice crystals. When...

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Omaha Steaks Holiday Shipments

With the joys of the holiday season come the inevitable inconveniences of winter weather. While Omaha Steaks uses plenty of dry ice and an insulated cooler for each shipment to make it to your doorstep, occasionally the trucks are delayed, have to be rerouted because...

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Omaha Steaks Does Not Sell Door-to-Door or From Trucks

Recently there has been some conversation and questions raised on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms by consumers who have been approached by door-to-door salespeople representing themselves as Omaha Steaks employees. Often times they are seen driving...

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