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Seafood Shopping: How to Tip the Scales in Your Favor


Are you looking to change up your dinnertime menu but not sure what to do?  Seafood is great for adding some variety to dinners at home. But beware! Not all seafood is created equal.

How to Shop for Seafood

Whether going for the fan-favorite salmon fillets or the distinct and delicious Yellowfin Tuna Steaks, here’s what to look out for when you’re fishing for quality.

Reputable Vendors

All seafood vendors should have a known record of safe handling practices. Not sure if your local grocery boats have such a reputation? Ask them. Quality seafood vendors should know the story of their seafood. Where was it harvested? Where was it processed and inspected? And so on. If your seafood vendor can’t answer these questions, consider shopping elsewhere.

Frozen-In Freshness

An important note: we’re talking seafood here – frozen is a good thing. In seafood terms, “fresh” means never frozen, and the only time you should ever trust fresh seafood is if it’s handed to you by the fisherman who caught it, which happens very, very rarely. The only way to guarantee seafood items hold their quality and nutrients is to freeze them as soon after harvest as possible.

Appearance & Odor

Quality seafood will bear only a mild, slightly sweet, fresh seafood scent. If it’s frozen, expect the same scent once thawed. Additionally, quality seafood carries a fresh-cut appearance. The flesh will appear moist and firm without a hint of browning, drying, or slimy texture.

Quality Packaging

Flash-freezing shortly after catch or harvest is the root of sustained freshness. But how do you maintain that freshness once frozen? With high-quality packaging. Whether in transit to your home, for sale at the seafood counter, or stored in your freezer, limiting exposure to air is a key element in reducing the risk of spoilage. The quickest way to know whether your seafood is safe is to inspect its packaging. Individually packed, vacuum-sealed seafood items are about as safe as you can get.

Overall Convenience

Recognize that valuing convenience over quality is risky business. Luckily, you don’t need to sacrifice either. Omaha Steaks works with only top-tier suppliers to offer an unparalleled selection of seafood, both raw and oven-ready.

Omaha Steaks is your one-stop shop for guaranteed high-quality seafood, all year-round. With Omaha Steaks Seafood you’ll never question the reputation of your vendor, nor the quality of your items. And convenience? We ship the highest quality, market-fresh seafood directly to your door. No market is needed. What’s more convenient than that?

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in April 2022 for freshness and comprehensiveness.

Seafood Shopping: How to Tip the Scales in Your Favor


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