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How to Grill a T-bone Steak


The T-bone is the king of steak. And, for good reason. It’s two steaks in one – fork-tender filet mignon and bold New York strip. This giant steak may seem daunting to grill, but it’s actually simple to cook. Follow the video and keep reading to learn how to grill the perfect T-bone steak.

Selecting the Best T-bone To Grill

Start with the best beef for the best steak experience. Omaha Steaks T-bones and Porterhouses are hand selected for quality, aged to perfection for at least 28 days for a more tender steak, and expertly trimmed by our master butchers. When you grill Omaha Steaks, it’s guaranteed to be delicious.

How to Grill a Perfect T-bone Steak

Follow these five simple steps for the most basic method for grilling a T-bone steak.

1. Thaw Steak Completely

Your T-bone needs to be completely thawed before cooking. You can defrost steaks using the quick-thaw method or our recommended refrigerator thawing. Check out the best way to thaw steaks for more details on both methods.

How to Grill a T-bone Steak

2. Season the T-bone

Pat the steak dry and season liberally with coarse salt and fresh black pepper or Omaha Steaks Seasoning. Make sure to season the top, bottom, and sides of the T-bone. If you have time, we recommend a simple dry brine for an even more tender and juicy steak. Before grilling, bring the steak to room temperature to ensure it cooks evenly inside and out.

How to Grill a T-bone Steak

3. Preheat Grill to Medium High

Preheat your gas or charcoal grill to medium-high heat. Clean the grill grates and oil immediately before grilling. To keep your steak from sticking to the grill, we recommend oiling your grates using tongs and a paper towel soaked in oil.

Pro Tip: Check out our 8 Tips for Grilling a Perfect Steak for more helpful steak cooking tips.

4. Grill T-bone Using Steak Cooking Chart or Omaha Steaks App

Place steaks directly over the heat source and follow the Omaha Steaks steak cooking chart or download the Omaha Steaks app with its steak and cooking timer. Keep the grill lid closed and allow 60% of the cooking time on the first side before flipping the steak.

Test doneness using a meat thermometer measuring close to the bone. Remove steaks when they are 5 degrees below your desired steak temperature. For your ideal doneness, follow these temperature guidelines. We recommend cooking the T-bone to a medium-rare doneness for the best steak experience.

  • Rare:120°F
  • Medium-Rare: 130°F
  • Medium: 140°F
  • Medium-Well: 150°F
  • Well: 160°+F
How to Grill a T-bone Steak

5. Rest Steak 5-10 minutes

When your steak has reached 5 degrees below your ideal temperature, remove from heat, tent with foil, and let it rest 5-10 minutes. As the steak continues to come to temperature, the juices will redistribute to ensure you have an incredibly juicy and tender steak.

Serve with your favorite steakhouse sides and a decadent dessert for an incredible steak dinner.

How to Grill a T-bone Steak

Do These Grilling Instructions Work for a Porterhouse?

Yes! Every porterhouse is technically a T-bone, but not every T-bone is a porterhouse. The size of the filet and thickness of the steak will determine the classification as either a porterhouse or a T-bone. Learn more about the porterhouse vs. T-bone in our T-bone Butcher’s Guide.

Now that you’ve mastered the art of grilling, try one of these delicious recipes:

Cooked T-Bone on a plate

Shop T-Bones

When you’re looking for a grilling sensation, the Omaha Steaks T-Bone is a traditional favorite of serious steak fans. It’s a whole bone-in Strip Sirloin, plus a portion of tender Filet Mignon all in one generous cut.

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