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Benefits of Investing in Employee Appreciation with Custom Gift Programs


Did you know only 14% of organizations provide managers with the necessary tools for employee rewards and recognition? These forward-thinking employers create programs designed to look within their own company to recognize and reward the people who make their success possible: their employees.

Why you should invest in your employees:

1. It Shows Appreciation

69% of employees say they would work harder if their efforts were better appreciated. It’s not all about offering money, although regular raises and bonuses do show you value them, it’s about demonstrating a level of thought and consideration that you can’t put a price on. Investment in your employees can include personalized incentives or perks, team-building activities, listening to their feedback, and offering training course opportunities.

2. Increased Retention

Assuming salary is the only thing employees factor into their decision to leave a job can be a costly mistake. In reality, the top three reasons employees quit include poor management, a toxic environment, and a lack of appreciation. In fact, a study found that 66% of employees would quit a job if they felt under-appreciated, and that statistic jumps to 76% for millennials – who make up 35% of the U.S. workforce – whereas 53% of employees say they would stay longer in a company if they feel appreciated.

This is why selecting the right Employee Appreciation Day gift is so vital. If you want to retain good employees, they need to feel like you care about their workplace satisfaction and recognize their efforts. This strategy will more than pay for itself in dividends considering, on average, it costs about 33% of an employee’s average salary to replace them.

3. Happy, Healthy Workers

An employee’s overall happiness has a great impact on their work according to an Oxford University study, which found that happy workers are 13% more productive. Investing in your employees with value-added incentives and making them feel truly appreciated creates a happy and healthy corporate culture. A positive workplace contributes to happy and healthy workers. Recognition programs can reduce stress levels, increase satisfaction, and make employees feel like an integral part of the team.

4. More Engaged Employees

According to a recent study, employee engagement increases by nearly 60% when managers recognize their performance and 78% of employees said being recognized motivates them in their job – which all translates to greater success for your company. You will see higher productivity levels, higher sales, and higher creativity from these employees. It’s important to recognize their contributions and achievements and invest in your employees for continued success.

5. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Elevating employee morale leads to better customer experiences and customer satisfaction. When staff feel appreciated and satisfied with their work, their attitude will be seen in the services they provide. When employers go above and beyond for their employees, their employees go above and beyond for their customers. Considering 41% of customers are loyal to a brand or company because they consistently notice a positive employee attitude, while 68% of customers defect from a brand or company because of negative employee attitude, your employees’ satisfaction has a direct impact on your business’ success.

Selecting the right employee incentive program is crucial:

If you want to retain the best employees, you’ll need to invest in an employee incentive program that they will find valuable. You can save future time and effort by finding an employee incentive program provider with a wide range of options – both in cost and variety­ – like Omaha Steaks.

Omaha Steaks employee incentives are available in a variety of price points and with a large selection of gourmet food options. Omaha Steaks custom gift certificates empower your employees to select the foods they want from pre-determined assortments of your choosing. You can also customize the gifts and scale their order to best fit your organization’s needs.

Best of all, our talented and experienced Business team will work with – and for – you, every step of the way. And when it comes time to place the order, all you have to do is provide us with your employees’ names and addresses and we’ll take care of the rest.

Give Employee Appreciation Day gifts that sizzle and satisfy: Get started now.

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Benefits of Investing in Employee Appreciation with Custom Gift Programs

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