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The Secret to Make Employees Love You with Custom Food Gifts!


Want to make your employees love you? Take business gifting to the next level with custom gift certificates for steaks and gourmet food gifts. It’s more than a gift – it’s an experience, and it’s the only way that your recipient truly chooses exactly what they want. Gourmet food gifts with a custom gift certificate make the perfect employee gift or incentive.

Here’s the secret formula for giving the best employee gifts:

1. Give an Experience

Material gifts are fun to unwrap, but experience gifts are more special and memorable. Gourmet food is an experience gift that can be shared with loved ones and friends for the ultimate gifting experience.

2. Give a consumable

Let’s face it. No one needs another trinket, award, or fancy item that needs to be dusted. When you gift gourmet food you are giving your employees something they can enjoy now and doesn’t clutter their shelves.

3. Let them pick their gift

Some people love a tender filet mignon steak and others may prefer Wild Argentinian Red Shrimp. That’s why we created custom gift certificates. Each certificate offers the finest gourmet options including; steaks, seafood, poultry, vegetarian, and desserts. Or curate your own selection of gourmet items with a large order. With all the variety, your recipient will be sure to find a gourmet food package they will love!

4. Personalize the gift message

Let your employees know they are important by addressing them by name on the gift certificates and including a personal message. Omaha Steaks custom gift certificates have personalization options that allow you to add that personal touch and make it a memorable gift.

5. Think beyond the holidays

Everyone loves a holiday gift, but consider gifting for safety awards, sales promotions, employee incentives, thank you gifts, closing gifts, and more. We will even title your gift to match the occasion.  You can never go wrong with a custom gift certificate.

As a boss or company, you will love the flexibility of Custom Gift Certificates.

The uniqueness of custom gift certificates

Pay What You Want

Find gourmet options to match any budget. Choose a certificate at one of many price points with standard shipping included. Order a single custom gift certificate or a surprise your entire company. Ask about our pay-on-redemption options for large orders.

Customize Your Gift

Add a free gift message to any certificate to add a personal touch. Additional logo and customization options also available.

Scale Your Order

Custom certificates are a perfect solution for businesses large and small. Conveniently shop online today or speak with a gift expert for custom orders.

Custom gift certificates are easy to redeem:

  • Redeem by phone
    Provide your redemption code to any of our world-class sales agents – they’ll place your order in minutes.
  • Redeem by mail
    Fill out an order form, stamp it, then drop into into your mailbox. We’ll process your order as soon as it arrives.
  • Redeem online
    Cut out the middleman entirely… Enter your redemption code on our website to place your order anytime.

With the simplicity of ordering custom gift certificates you will have your gifting done easily and efficiently. With the flexibility and variety offered with custom gift certificates, your recipients are guaranteed to love their gourmet food gift. It’s a win-win!

Order custom gift certificates online now or speak with a gift expert for custom orders. Contact us: 1-800-228-2480 Monday-Friday 8am-8pm CST.

The Secret to Make Employees Love You with Custom Food Gifts!

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