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Don’t Let Employees Get Bored with Your Incentive Program


There are two challenges to implementing successful employee incentive programs. The first is creating an incentive program that actually gets your employees to think and act in ways that benefit themselves, their coworkers, your company’s revenue, and, of course, your customers. Incentives are little more than the vegetable portion of the old “carrot and stick” analogy. They’re a reward for good behavior that has yet to happen.

The second challenge isn’t about employees. You need to keep your incentives fresh and enticing so that your employees continue to work hard toward their individual goals. After all, if they’re no longer excited about your incentives, those incentives are probably no longer doing their job — which means your employees might not be striving as hard to succeed at theirs.

Of course, you probably don’t have time to research new incentives every month or quarter. Because of that, you need to find a provider for your employee incentive program that offers a wide range of options — both in price and variety.

For that, you’re in the right place. Omaha Steaks has incentives available across a wide range of price points, and few places can match the breadth of our possibilities.

From our Griller’s Delight to our Filets & Tops, we offer many different combos for less than $50. For the true rockstars among your staff, there’s King Cut Ribeye/T-Bone combo. And that’s just the tip of the sirloin. We offer tailgate combos, home entertaining combos and gift baskets galore. What about the seafood lovers on your payroll? We have them covered, too. For vegetarians, just take a look at our extensive selection of desserts — from cheesecakes to pies to cookies. And if specialty items like our Sea Salt Caramel Brownies with Pecans don’t light a fire under your employees to hit their KPIs, we’re not sure what will.

Hard work deserves rewards.

More specifically, it deserves good food, so you’re in the right place.

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