How To Give a Memorable Closing Gift to Your Real Estate Client

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Real estate is a very personal and local business. Reputation and word of mouth are essential for building a successful real estate business. You want to leave a lasting impression for future business and a memorable real estate closing gift can leave a great impression on your client.

How do you ensure your closing gift will be memorable for your client to encourage referrals and future business? These are the 5 elements of a perfect closing gift.


Give Gifts with Real Purpose

Instead of another knick-knack that will clutter the client’s shelves and be forgotten, give them something they will use and enjoy. Food is always a great option and with Omaha Steak’s custom certificates, your client can pick the meals they enjoy most. Add seasoning kits to leave a long-lasting impression for months.

Gift in Person

Add the extra touch of personalization by gifting in person. This simple gesture and taking time out of your busy schedule builds your client-realtor relationship. You are showing that the client is important, and you appreciate their business.

Reinforce Your Clients’ Trust

Buying a home is a stressful event. A gourmet gift from Omaha Steaks sends an additional message to your client that you are there to help make that process easy. Plus, you are helping them stock their freezer after a move which is always appreciated.

Make it Personal

Always include a personal message to share your appreciation to your client. Let them know you enjoyed helping them find the perfect home and are excited for their new home. Our custom certificates and gourmet packages give you a chance to craft a personal message to share your appreciation to your client. And best of all, the message is free!

Keep it Simple

Omaha Steaks custom gift certificates can be easily purchased online at any time, with a variety of price points; assuring you the flexibility of the right gift. You can even purchase seasoning kits to add additional “spice” to your closing gift experience.

Custom Gift Certificates

Budget-friendly, flexible gift options fit for every taste.
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