The Top 5 Ways to De-Stress Back-to-School Dinnertime

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Back-to-school is finally here! And whether your kiddos are in the classroom or adapting to some kind of virtual e-learning environment, the age-old question of “What’s for dinner?” is as stressful as ever. Thanks to Omaha Steaks, the answer is actually much easier (and far more delicious) than you might think.

Top 5 Ways to De-Stress Back-to-School Dinnertime

1. Get food delivered from Omaha Steaks

Let’s start with the most basic way – food delivery. Even if you’re working-from-home, finding time to go to the grocery store can be hard. And now, with the added stresses of COVID, mask-mandates, and crowded stores, the typical grocery run isn’t as appealing as it once was. With Omaha Steaks, all your foods are expertly packaged and shipped safely to your door. It couldn’t be any easier!

2. Easy-to-prepare options

Many of Omaha Steaks entrees are as simple as taking it from the freezer and placing it directly into your oven. And we’re talking meals made with high-quality ingredients like Omaha Steaks beef, vibrant veggies, tasty sauces, and so much more.

3. Quick meals

Uh-oh! It’s 5pm and you totally forgot about music rehearsal or baseball practice across town! No worries. Just head to the freezer and grab an Omaha Steaks Skillet Meal, Fajita Kit, or other quick meal option. In about 15 minutes you’ll be plating your family a highly nutritious dinner that’s packed with savory flavor they’ll crave again and again.

4. Quick-Thaw

It’s steak night and you forgot to place your Omaha Steaks Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignon (or Omaha Cut Ribeye or New York Strip) in the refrigerator to thaw overnight. Again, no worries! You can just use our tried and true quick thaw method. Simply submerge your glorious Omaha Steaks (still in its package) into a bowl of water for an hour or so and voila! Wonderfully thawed steak that’s ready to be seasoned and placed on your grill or cast-iron skillet.

5. Kid-Friendly Meals

It’s quite possibly the most stressful set of words parents can hear at dinnertime: “Mommy and Daddy, I don’t like [fill in the blank food]! I’m not eating it!” Well, you don’t need to stress over that anymore because Omaha Steaks has tons of kid-friendly foods your little ones would label: Yummy! From Gourmet Franks to Chicken Tenders to Meat Lovers Lasagna, give your kids exactly what they’re hungry for!

Don’t let back-to-school stress you out anymore! Order from Omaha Steaks and fill your freezer with everything your family needs for easy, delicious, and convenient meals any night of the week!

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The Top 5 Ways to De-Stress Back-to-School Dinnertime

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