You’re running around, you’re working, you’re raising kids… you don’t have time for steak, right? Not having time for dinner is part of modern life, and it’s easy to assume you can’t eat well.

At Omaha Steaks, we don’t buy that. Our favorite food and namesake can actually be a quick and easy meal. We’ve outlined four ways to make steak make your day, no matter how busy that day gets. Here’s why steak is easy:


At Home, In Between Activities

A nicely proportioned filet mignon or top sirloin steak cooks in a pan on your stove in about ten minutes, and tastes about a million times better than most “quick” foods. Season a steak (an inch thick or less) simply with a little oil and salt and pepper or grab a steak seasoning from the cabinet. Heat up your favorite pan to high, add your steak, and follow Omaha Steaks Cooking Chart. While it’s cooking, pick an easy side or salad from the fridge! You’re eating a steak dinner in less time than it takes to choose a fast food restaurant.


At Work, Leftover

It’s not blasphemy to eat steak the next day… it’s actually a great idea and quick lunch hack. When you’re making steak for dinner or lunch at home, make one or two extra. While a whole leftover steak isn’t always a winner, there are scores of delicious ways to use sliced cold steak as a portable next-day meal. Try these ideas and of course try your own:

  • Sliced Ribeye Sandwich
    • Sliced Leftover Ribeye
    • White Cheese
    • Greens & Peppers
    • Aioli (mix mayo with garlic, lemon, salt & pepper)
  • Steak Salad
    • Sliced Leftover Steak
    • Baby Greens Mix (or any greens)
    • Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
    • Chopped Veggies (peppers, carrots, tomatoes)
    • Cheese Crumbles, (blue, feta, gorgonzola)


At Home, Almost Forgot

The best thing about Omaha Steaks is that high-quality flash-frozen beef is pretty much always at the ready. So when it’s your turn to cook or someone unexpected comes over, keep calm and make steak (plenty of steak recipes here). The key here is to know how to quickly thaw a frozen steak.

How do you thaw a frozen steak quickly? In the sink! Place your frozen and vacuum-sealed Omaha Steaks in a big bowl or pot and cover them with cold water. Keep the steaks from touching each other for best results. Leave everything alone and they’ll be thawed in less than 30 minutes. Then, just take your steaks out of the package and cook or grill your favorite way.


Steaks for Everyone

Shop steaks by cut, texture, flavor — whatever you prefer! We’ve got something for everyone.

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