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5 Tablescaping Tips for a Festive Holiday Table


It’s time to celebrate and get festive. Create an elegant tablescape with a few simple tips from our friends, Nick Huff, co-owner at Hutch, and Bryan Frost, Lead Interior Designer. Hutch is an Omaha and Kansas City based home décor store that has been helping people find modern and vintage pieces since 2013. We are excited to share their tablescaping tips.

A true tablescape is more than just your centerpiece. It involves the overall look of the entire table, from the décor to the linens and place settings. While the highlight of most parties and celebrations is the food and drink, you can convey a specific theme or mood with a well-planned tablescape that will make your party an experience to remember.

How to Create a Festive Tablescape

1. It’s all about the layers

Use layers as deep as possible on your table scape and place settings.  A layered table looks more alive and engaging to your guests. Start with a neutral, textured tablecloth with a little shimmer (for the holidays), then add elements for decoration and function.

2. Skip the placemats

Instead of the traditional linen placements, set chargers under the plates. This creates an additional layer of depth and interest on your table scape. Chargers also help round the table creating a more intimate dining experience.

3. Serve food on neutral plates

Keep your serving plates simple and neutral. A solid-colored, neutral plate always your food to ‘speak’ and be the star of the party. Create a layered look by stacking the plates for each course. If you have salad, add a salad plate, add another small plate if you are serving bread and butter. This adds depth and functionality to your table.

4. Get creative with napkins

A beautifully folded linen napkin adds a touch of elegance to your table scape. You can find many simple napkin folding videos on You Tube, including the popular tent fold.  Or, skip folding the napkins and add the napkins to the wine glasses on your table setting. Well-placed and folded linen napkins add depth and elegance to your table setting.

5. Add a natural element

A natural element, like a twig runner, flowers or a decorated squash, add interest to your table scape. Decorative plume grass and eucalyptus greenery sprigs are the perfect natural accent for a holiday table scape and can be found at most decorating stores. Create your own elegant centerpiece with this DIY decorative pumpkin/squash.

DIY Decorative Pumpkin Centerpiece

5 Tablescaping Tips for a Festive Holiday Table

What you need:

  • Pumpkin or Gourd (they come in a variety of colors, so pick the one that matches your tablescape)
  • Moss
  • 3 succulents
  • Hot glue

How to assemble:

  1. Place hot glue on top of pumpkin near steam and secure moss to the top of the pumpkin.
  2. Gently hot glue succulents on desired locations around or atop the moss. Bryan recommends using 3 succulents per pumpkin for the best aesthetics.
  3. Water lightly with a squirt bottle every other day and the decorated pumpkin will stay fresh and last for months. The moss helps retain the moisture and keeps the succulents adequately watered.

Depending on the size of your table you may want to make several of these decorated pumpkins for your table scape. This simple centerpiece adds a natural element to your tablescape and adds a touch of holiday cheer.

Thanks to Nick and Bryan from Hutch for their holiday tablescaping tips. Check out the Hutch website and visit their Instagram for more décor inspiration.

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