How to Pan Sear Mahi Mahi

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How to Pan Saute Mahi Mahi
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Mahi mahi is an exotic, one-of-a-kind fish. It boasts a coveted sweetness that subtly transforms on your tongue to the undeniable fish flavor many aficionados crave in fresh seafood. Served with diced citrus or tropical fruits, it culminates in the perfect meal for transporting your table to a private tropical paradise. So how do you cook mahi mahi at home? One of the easiest ways is to saute it in a pan.

About World Port Seafood Mahi Mahi: We hand-select fisheries of the highest quality, making sure they’re certified in sustainable harvesting practices. Not only will you enjoy unparalleled freshness – preserved through a dedicated freezing process – but you can also rest easy knowing you’re supporting fisheries that truly care about health of our oceans.


How to Thaw Fish

We take pride in preserving your mahi mahi’s ocean-freshness by freezing it moments after catch, and having our butchers carve each steak while the fish is still frozen. Then we individually vacuum-seal each steak for safety and preservation during delivery so you can enjoy the best mahi mahi imaginable right in the comfort of your own home. With such dedicated freezing, naturally, we recommend thawing your mahi mahi steaks in your refrigerator overnight. The gradual thawing is the best method for keeping that freshness intact without damaging any of the steaks delicate cellular structure. Thawing it under cold water is acceptable, too, if you need your steaks quicker. Submerge as many steaks as you wish to cook under water as cold as you can get it, checking the center of the steaks every 30 minutes. Once you don’t feel any frozen spots in the center, your steaks are ready to cook. Learn more about thawing frozen fish here.


How to Pan Saute Mahi Mahi

By now your mahi mahi steaks are thawed, prepped, and ready to cook. Start the process by preheating your skillet of choice to a medium or medium-high heat. With skinless mahi mahi fillets, you want to be extra cautious about flipping so as not to damage the delicate meat. So we recommend adding a dash of oil to the skillet as it preheats. Take care not to let the oil heat to smoking, as overheated oil can alter the taste of whatever you cook.

Once your skillet is preheated, place each mahi mahi into your pan and cook for 6-7 minutes, then flip and cook for a final 5-6 minutes.

Remember, mahi mahi is a marvelously lean fish which is a double-edged sword. It’s nutritious, for sure, but it can very easily dry out due to not having as much fat and moisture within the meat. So keep a close eye when pan searing mahi mahi. You’ll know your mahi mahi has finished cooked because the color will turn opaque throughout. Try serving with lemon slices for a light zing of citrus. Enjoy!

Other Ways to Cook Mahi Mahi