How to Bake Mahi Mahi

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How to Bake Mahi Mahi
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Firm, meaty, and easy to prepare with perfection, what is there not to love about mahi mahi steaks? Boasting a mildly sweet flavor naturally present in large, juicy flakes, there’s little to wonder in why mahi mahi has become one of the most sought-after fish in the world for chefs and diners alike. It’s quick to learn how to bake mahi mahi for your favorite recipes… let us show you!

Here at World Port Seafood, we take pride in affording you the opportunity to experience the best mahi mahi in the comfort of your own home. Each steak is expertly curated and responsibly sourced from fisheries in and around the Pacific for world-class quality, then hand-carved and frozen fresh to preserve the flavor and juiciness that mahi mahi naturally possesses until you’re ready to cook. Not only an impressive taste, but impressively simple, too, as our experts have deboned and skinned each steak to remove all the stress of making fish in your kitchen. 


Thawing Mahi Mahi

Individually vacuum-sealed portions of mahi mahi mean utmost freshness, and they’re also easy to thaw. We recommend thawing them overnight in your refrigerator to maintain their incredible ocean-fresh quality. Placing them in cold water to thaw is also acceptable. Once you can press into the fish and feel no frozen areas, it’s ready to prepare. Trying to thaw your fish any faster – in hot water, for instance – can result in uneven thawing and genuinely alter your entrée’s taste and texture.


Preparing Mahi Mahi

Remove your thawed mahi mahi from their individual wrap and brush each with melted butter or oil. Mahi mahi is a marvelously low-fat option doesn’t retain moisture as easily as other fattier fish, which is where this light layer of butter or oil comes into play. This added layer of fats provides the moisture needed to keep your mahi mahi perfectly juicy when cooking and helps any seasonings used to adhere to the meat with authority. Mahi mahi plays wonderfully with your favorite seasoning or marinades, although take note that its mild, coveted flavor is easily covered up with bold or extra flavorful options.

Baking Mahi Mahi

One of the best parts about baking fish is that the oven does all the work. Once they’re in the oven, your fish will be done in a mere handful of minutes – no flipping or turning required! Simply preheat your oven to 400º (waiting for your oven to preheat is time you can use to prep your mahi mahi!) and, when its finished heating up, slide your perfectly prepped portions into the oven for a short 14-16 minutes. You’ll know they’re completely cooked when the meat is opaque throughout. Remove, garnish, and enjoy!


Other Ways to Cook Mahi Mahi