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7 Tips to Host a Dessert Party


A beautiful dessert table is perfect for dinner parties or holiday entertaining. Create a unique party experience with a dessert themed party that your guests will love. Here are some tips for hosting a fun and successful dessert party.

How to Host a Dessert Party

1. Start with a Theme

While dessert party is a theme in itself, tie it in with a fun holiday or unique theme for a party guests will remember. Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Halloween are perfect themes for a dessert party. You can also host a birthday or anniversary party, viewing party for awards shows, or sports game championship. All these occasions are perfect reasons to indulge your sweet tooth.

2. Offer a Variety of Desserts

What makes a dessert buffet so fun is trying all the delicious desserts.  Serve various types of desserts to appeal to all tastes and mix salty and sweet, crunchy, and tart desserts. We recommend a cheesecake, like New York cheesecake, and a chocolate treat, like chocolate lover’s cake for rich, creamy dessert options. A fruit-based sweet, like pineapple upside down cake has just enough sweet. Add a little crunch and tart with baked caramel apple tartlets. If you hosting a holiday dessert buffet, try adding pecan pie or pumpkin pie to the line-up of sweet treats. Top with this simple homemade chantilly créme for a decadent experience.

3. Small Portions are Best

When you have a dessert buffet, guests will want to try multiple desserts. That’s the best part – right? Keep the portion sizes small, so they can sample a variety of the delicious offerings. Serve a few bites of each dessert and small cake slices, so guests can sample as many of the desserts as they want without getting too full.

4. Keep it Simple

Let the desserts be the star of the party by keeping the decorations and flatware simple. Small white or clear plates is the perfect choice for a desert buffet. Crystal serving bowls or display stands can add an elegant look. Pair with silver cake servers  and serving spoons and simple white or neutral colored linens for a simple and awe-inspiring display.

5. Offer a Beverage

Desserts pair phenomenally with fresh brewed coffee. Serve in espresso cups and add a small carafe of cream and a bowl of sugar, so guests can customize their coffee to their liking. An all-around great adult beverage choice is a spritzer or white wine. If you are serving chocolate or caramel flavored desserts a port wine makes an excellent pairing.

6. Don’t Spend Hours Baking

There is always so much to prepare when you host a party – cleaning the house, setting up the decorations and tables, and providing entertainment for the guests. Make it a stress-free event with Omaha Steaks gourmet, pre-made desserts. From a delicious cheesecake sampler to our signature caramel apple tartlets, serve the best, gourmet desserts without baking for days in the kitchen.

7. Send Guests Home with Goodies

Stock up on disposable travel containers and offer each guest a chance to take home any of their favorites at the end of the party. Guests will love the gesture and you save yourself the calories of eating all the delicious leftovers.

Cheers to a fabulous and fun dessert party! Check out these tips for hosting a stress-free holiday meal and follow Omaha Steaks on Pinterest for more great recipes and ideas.

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