How to Grill Halibut

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How to Grill Halibut
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Halibut Steaks
Sustainably wild-caught within the icy Pacific waters surrounding Alaska, World Port Seafood Halibut Steaks boast a variety of remarkable qualities making it a prized entrée within the world of fish. The most noticeable quality is its exquisite taste. With each morsel, you’ll enjoy an unmistakable sweetness that doesn’t present itself often within fish. Take care with your marinades and seasonings, however, as this delicate flavor is easily suppressed if more flavorful additions are used during its preparation. This guide is here to teach you how to grill halibut.

The second best quality within halibut is the one that makes it an exceptional grilling fish, which is to say it’s density. Halibut boasts an excellent firmness in the meat giving it a spectacular durability when being grilled. You won’t find any portions of the meat flaking off to fall between the grates, spoiling the meat’s pristine texture. As an added grilling benefit, World Port Seafood Halibut Steaks are prepped and delivered with the skin on. As you can imagine, this added resilience allows you to handle and turn each steak with utmost confidence. Take note: the skin of Halibut is notoriously tough, so while it provides that extra layer of support, after grilling we recommend the skin be removed for the most enjoyment.

Thirdly, not only does halibut boast numerous healthful benefits, it is also a remarkably low-fat fish. So lean, in fact, that we recommend you brush a light layer of melted butter or vegetable oil on each steak prior to seasoning. That added layer of butter or oil will help infuse and retain the halibut’s moisture as it cooks.


How to Grill Halibut

  1. Before preheating your grill, brush your grilling grates with the remaining butter or oil as yet another preventative toward keeping your fish from sticking to your grates.
  2. When ready, preheat your grill to a high temperature – a good 10 – 15 minutes on high should do the trick. Before placing your fish, brush the previous grilling remnants from your grilling grates. Due to the high temperature this should be simple as most everything will have turned to ash.
  3. Finally, simply place your halibut steaks directly on the grates over a high heat, skin-side down. All that remains is to grill them for a quick 5 – 6 minutes on each side. The thoroughly grilled halibut steaks that result from your efforts is guaranteed to satisfy.


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