How to Cook Halibut

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How to Cook Halibut
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Why Halibut Steaks?

A delicate, mild flavor coupled with a moist, flaky texture are the hallmarks of exceptionally lean Pacific Halibut Steaks. We begin with only the choicest fisheries in the icy waters surrounding Alaska, marked for their class-leading certification in sustainability, to harvest wild-caught Pacific Halibut for World Port Seafood. Each flatfish is then masterfully hand-carved and flash-frozen quickly after preparation to preserve their world-class quality and ensure each bite is a seafood lover’s dream no matter how they’re prepared. With World Port Seafood in your corner, you can remain confident in any cooking style thanks to individually vacuum-sealed portions and how to cook halibut in the most popular cooking styles – baking, pan sauté, and, of course, grilling.


Considerations on Halibut Steaks

Perfectly prepared Halibut Steaks are undeniably delicious but we’d be remiss if you didn’t highlight a few key points. First, and most notably, Halibut is an extraordinarily lean fish. For health-conscious consumers, this makes halibut a must-have, but this natural leanness also means it loses moister faster than fattier fish. Keep a close eye on your halibut while cooking. Halibut does not benefit from overcooking. Secondly, World Port Seafood butchers have left the skin on our halibut steaks. This helps retain a bit of moisture during cooking and provides a supportive insulating layer between the delicate fish flesh and the hot pan or grill. Third, and lastly, as our halibut is delivered frozen to preserve its freshness, each of the following cooking methods require taking the time to thaw the steaks before cooking. We recommend placing them in the refrigerator overnight or placing them in cold water for 30-60 minutes.


Baking Halibut Steaks

The marvelous ease of baking your seafood cannot be underestimated. There’s no flipping required! A preheated oven, a brush of oil, a pinch of seasoning, and a dash of patience is all you need to craft a seafood meal on par with your favorite gourmet seafood restaurant. And on a large enough pan you can cook as many as you need with foolproof ease. Complete How to Bake Halibut instructions.


Pan Sautéing Halibut Steaks

An ideal method for cooking a single portion, pan sautéing your halibut steaks makes the cooking process almost as enjoyable as relishing in every flaky bite. You can choose to brush the fish with butter or oil or simply splash a bit in your pan to preheat. After a handful of minutes on each side, you can enjoy a hearty meal worth regaling friends and family about. Complete How to Pan Sear Halibut instructions


Grilling Halibut Steaks

Halibut boasts a firm, tight-grained texture making it fabulous for placing on your grill. And their remaining skin providing a pinch more support for the dense, yet lean meat, doesn’t hurt either. Try adding these alongside your other grilling meats for a dash of difference in your next backyard BBQ. Complete How to Grill Halibut instructions.