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How to Cook a Chateaubriand – 3 Ways


Cooking the perfect chateaubriand – a roast-sized filet mignon – doesn’t need to be daunting or complicated. I’m going to show you three different ways to cook the perfect holiday roast every single time. Whether you smoke, sous vide, or sear roast your chateaubriand, your family will be coming back for seconds (and thirds.)

Check out my video tutorial and keep reading to get the full guide for each chateaubriand cooking method.

Start with the Best Beef

For an incredible finished product, always start with high-quality ingredients. Omaha Steaks Chateaubriand is the roast-sized version of our world-class filet mignon. The roasts are aged at least 30 days to naturally maximize tenderness, expertly trimmed by our master butchers, and conveniently delivered right to your door. When you start with the best beef, you know it’s going to be delicious any way you cook it. Visit our Chateaubriand Butcher’s Guide to learn more about this exquisite cut.

How to Cook a Chateaubriand

Use one of these three simple cooking methods for an incredible holiday roast.

1. Smoke

How to Cook a Chateaubriand – 3 Ways

Yes, you can cook the world’s most decadent roast on your grill or smoker! Smoking a chateaubriand adds distinct, rich flavors and delivers melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Smoke the roast low and slow with your choice of wood chips and finish with a hard sear over direct heat for an unforgettable and flavorful centerpiece. 

Get the guide: How to Smoke a Chateaubriand

2. Sous Vide

How to Cook a Chateaubriand – 3 Ways

Sous vide means “under vacuum” and is a fool-proof method for cooking a chateaubriand. This warm water bath cooking process keeps a precise temperature, so you’ll achieve your desired doneness every single time. Finish with a quick sear in a hot skillet for a perfectly cooked and delicious chateaubriand.

Get the Guide: How to Sous Vide a Chateaubriand

3. Sear Roast

How to Cook a Chateaubriand – 3 Ways

The sear roasting method gives your tenderloin roast a nice hard sear on the outside and edge-to-edge pinkness on the inside. Sear in a hot cast iron pan and finish low and slow in the oven for a decadent chateaubriand.

Get the Guide: How to Sear Roast a Chateaubriand
Try this recipe: Sear-Roast Chateaubriand with Miso-Sake Shiitake Mushrooms and Spicy-Sweet Brussels Sprouts

After resting your roast for at least 20 minutes, finish with a course sea salt for an additional flavor bomb. Serve with your favorite side dishes and rich dessert for a memorable and delicious family meal.

Get Started

Now you know how to cook a chateaubriand, and it will be delicious any way you choose to prepare it.  Whether you smoke, sear roast, or sous vide, your roast is sure to be the star of your holiday table!

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How to Cook a Chateaubriand – 3 Ways

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