How to Broil Lobster

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How to Broil Lobster Tails
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To many, lobster is the king of seafood. Thick, succulent meat with the hint of unmistakable sweetness. At World Port Seafood, we’re proud to deliver two sizes of luscious, wild-caught Maine lobster to suit any appetite: perfectly portioned lobster tail halves or generously sized whole tails. No matter what kind of lobster tails you’re going to make, be sure to source seafood that’s been expertly inspected, prepared, and frozen fresh for effortless at-home preparation. Here’s how to broil lobster tails at home!


Thawing Lobster

Due to their smaller size, you don’t need to thaw our Lobster Tail Halves. Simply add them to your preheated broiler straight from the freezer. The larger, full-size tails, however, we recommend placing in your refrigerator to thaw overnight. Need them for a same-day dinner? Submerge the individually vacuum-sealed tails in cold water for 30-60 minutes, replacing the water after 30 minutes to maintain the cold temperature. Never use hot water to thaw your lobster – or any frozen meat for that matter. Hot water will thaw your item unevenly which will present itself in an uneven taste and texture when cooked.


Broiling Lobster

Begin by moving your oven rack to the highest position and preheating your oven broiler on high. For the lobster tail halves, arrange them on a broiler pan, meat side up. Brush them lightly with melted butter and dash them with a sprinkle of your favorite seasoning. For the full-sized tails, you’ll want to butterfly each tail by using a sharp knife to slice through the middle of the hard shell, deep enough to reach the center of each tail. With both hands open the tail flat, and then brush them lightly with melted butter or olive oil. Place them on your broiler pan, meat side up.

Put your lobster tails into the oven and broil for up to 7 minutes. The full-sized tails can be removed after that time. The lobster tail halves will need to be turned and placed back in your oven to broil for a final 5-6 minutes. In either case, you’ll know your lobster tails are finished cooking when the meat is pearly and opaque.

Other Ways to Cook Lobster

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